Which brand is better: Louis Vuitton vs Burberry (2023)

Which brand is better: Louis Vuitton vs Burberry (1)

Which brand is better: Louis Vuitton or Burberry?

Sometimes it seems that the competition between brands will never end. Fashion lovers love to discuss and compare luxury items. In the office, on the forums, in the comments on social networks, these struggles have already become part of our lives. Today we indulge in this trend and present you with a detailed test reportWhich brand is better: Louis Vuitton or Burberry?.

We take a look at the history, current politics and style of each brand so you can get a clear idea of ​​which of the fashion houses suits you best.

Let us begin!

Which brand is better: Louis Vuitton vs Burberry (2)

To help you get acquainted with each brand, let's remind you how it all started. Diving into the past is the best way to understand each of the fashion houses. Refresh our memory!

Louis Vuitton


Place of birth:Paris, France)

Founding year:1854 (167 years ago)

Place of birth:Basingstoke (UK)

Founding year:1856 (165 years ago)

Short Story:When the famous founder of the Louis Vuitton fashion house was still a teenager, he made the decision to become a suitcase maker. To follow his dream, he went around 470 kilometers to Paris and worked as a craftsman for 17 years before opening his own workshop in the heart of the French capital. At this time, Louis Vuitton was already working as a manufacturer of personal suitcases for the Empress of France and had access to high society. By understanding the needs of the wealthy, the skilled craftsman was able to quickly expand his empire and win the love and fame of the fashion society of the time. After the death of the legendary founder, his sons continue to build trust and conquer the international fashion market.

Short Story:Thomas Burberry, the brand's founder, worked as a textile merchant (an old term for retailer). When he opened his first shop in the small town of Basingstoke, he focused on making clothes that could protect people from the inclement British weather. The entire history of the fashion house is closely linked to the production of durable coats and garments. When Thomas Burberry was able to invent the trench coat (breathable, waterproof and weatherproof fabric), the brand began to thrive. This material has been tested under the toughest conditions - on expeditions to the Arctic Circle and Russia. In 1955, Queen Elizabeth II granted the company a British Royal Warrant. The brand with such a guarantee is entitled to supply goods to the royal family.

Fun fact:The first Louis Vuitton workshop in Paris had a sign: "Pack the most fragile items securely. Specialized in fashion packaging”.

Fun fact:Recently, the fashion house created a research group to invent new sustainable materials and transform the consumer experience.

Focus on:Preserving traditions, heritage, respecting history, giving a new look to iconic patterns. Rarely coming up with completely new patterns, the brand decides to stick with the luxury inventions of the past.

Focus on:Following international and modern trends, adapting the brand and items to a new way of life, promoting a sustainable lifestyle, innovation and development.

Style:elegant, elegant, timeless, classic, high quality, elegant, tasteful.

Style:universal, neutral, global, modern, sustainable.


Louis VuittonIt has established itself as an international symbol of luxury. Purchasing an item from this brand means entering the ranks of high society and paying tribute to centuries-old traditions. It's highly unlikely that an LV product (especially handbags) will ever go out of style, so if you want something that will last a lifetime (and then be passed on to another generation while still being stylish and trendy). trend) then this is a great option to invest in.

BurberryIt's just two years younger than the French brand and shares the same well-established reputation among fashionistas. However, this fashion follows modern trends such as sustainability, environmental and ethical awareness. The creativity of designers expresses solidarity with current problems, promote unityand collaboration. Such a branding policy makes it possible to attract numerous new fans who support such a lifestyle.

We at Bagaholic fully support this conscious way of life. Keep reading our guideHow you can protect the environment by buying luxury handbags - luxury and sustainability preferred.

Now let's look at the products offered by each brand.

Which brand is better: Louis Vuitton vs Burberry (3)

Louis Vuitton and Burberry started out as two companies selling different product lines: swim trunks and coats, respectively. However, over the years, as each brand grew and gained more and more followers, so did the variety on offer. We went through the official websites and made a list of the items that each brand is currently selling.

Ready to compare the product range?

Louis Vuitton


The product groups (in order of importance):


small leather goods

Accessories (sunglasses, scarves, belts, phone cases and gloves)

travel bags

Clothing (including swimwear)



Toys and furniture (including decoration)

fragrances and candles

The product groups (in order of importance):

Trench Coats (Trademark)

Clothing (including swimsuits and outerwear)


Accessories (sunglasses, scarves, hats, gloves, belts)


The picture



Higher specialization:Known for its legendary bags, Louis Vuitton's fame is truly unshakable. Anyone interested in the luxury segment knows the main patterns, silhouettes and names of the bags. Words like "Neverful" and "Speedy" aren't just labels to distinguish one model from another, they're already it-bags that go up in price every year.

Higher specialization:Burberry is known for its high quality and durable trench coats. As recently as the middle of the last century, every fifth coat exported from Great Britain was a Burberry coat (according to official site). The brand offers other clothing items, but none of them have the iconic status of the famous outerwear. When it comes to bags (because we're still trying to figure outWhich brand is better: Louis Vuitton or Burberry?), the selection is quite small and stylistically similar.


  1. The company's main focus is on two different items, but it's possible to create a look that's entirely one brand.
  2. Louis Vuitton handbags are known all over the world and are sought after by fashion lovers. Each iconic bag has its own name that will be recognized by fans.
  3. Burberry also names their bags, but not many people know about them.
  4. Trench coats are the British fashion house's key pieces of clothing. When you think of Burberry, you immediately picture their signature patterned outerwear and scarves.

Which brand is better: Louis Vuitton vs Burberry (4)

The next step in our brand war is to compare the cost of your products. As we scrolled through the websites, we selected similar items. fromOf course, both signature items are present on the list. Let's see the difference!

Item name*

Official Price LV, USD**

Burberry Official Price, USD**

Dead (corporate canvas)

Ab 1.460

Ab 1.490

bag (leather)


Ab 1.450

Herrenrucksack (Canvas)



Small Bifold Purse (Canvas)



fanny pack (canvas)



a raincoat



silk square

ab 485

ab 430


From 640 (wool+silk)

From 470 (cashmere)


ab 815

ab 470


ab 475

ab 230

* The item is for womenCollection unless otherwise stated

**Prices are from the official websites of the brands in May 2021


  1. In most cases, Louis Vuitton prices are significantly higher for the same items. Shoes, accessories and coats, for example, cost twice as much as on the British brand's website.
  2. Burberry bags (except canvas bags) are also cheaper. However, this does not affect the popularity of LV bags.
  3. Two items are almost equally expensive: a handbag and a silk scarf. Both are of exceptional quality so it is entirely up to you which one to choose.
  4. If you want durable clothing from a luxury brand, pay attention to Burberry. If you are looking for a high-quality and timeless bag, it is better to go for Louis Vuitton.

However, there is always an opportunity to save money by buying second-hand items. Both designer clothing and handbags are available at consignment stores. For example, if you are looking for an affordable Louis Vuitton bag in mint condition, be sure to stop byour stock.

Can't choose a luxury bag to match your wardrobe? Not sure if it goes with your outfit? We have a solution! Here it is10 best black Louis Vuitton handbags to spice up any outfit.

Which brand is better: Louis Vuitton vs Burberry (5)

When it comes to the questionWhich brand is better: Louis Vuitton or Burberry?, Style is an essential criterion. No matter how much you love the brand, we hope you don't just pay for the name.

Let's compare the current branding policy and its main target audience.

Louis Vuitton


Style:official, elegant, classic, elegant

Style:sustainable and modern approach, neutral and universal looks and colors

Last advertising campaigns:the fashion house sets trends. Millions of fashion lovers await the releases of each season and dream of how the luxury brand will surprise them this time. Nicolas Ghesquière, creative director for women, always finds a way to make a statement with his advertising campaigns. For example him Pre Fall 2020 CollectionIt came in the form of book covers featuring A-class celebrities in Louis Vuitton suits. By comparing fashion to novels, he tries to show that every outfit tells its own story. Virgil Abloh, Male Artistic Director, decided to look to the future and created Collection 2054full of futuristic ideas. Despite this approach, the main patterns, of course, remained unchanged, but acquired a new look.

Last advertising campaigns:The fashion house is known for its campaigns in support of various social groups, the fight for unity and equality, and charity events. Burberry's latest initiative was teams up with British footballer Marcus Rashfordto support the voices of youth. As part of its sustainability program, the brand introduced the "ReBurberry Edit", in which representatives stated that "Two-thirds of Burberry products now make a positive social or environmental contribution“. All current campaigns are designed in a minimalist style and are shot against a natural landscape. The simplicity of the approach correlates with the values ​​of the brand, which aims to be carbon neutral by 2022.

Ambassador:Emma Stone, Alicia Vikander, Michelle Williams, Lea Seydoux, Cody Fern. The brand recently announced Famous K-pop band BTS joins Louis Vuitton as his house friends.

Ambassador:Recently, the brand has collaborated with famous Asian celebrities: Baekhyun, Yoo Ah In, Song Weilong, Lucas from WayV, Zhou Dongyu. We used to see stars like Emma Watson and Tom Odell.


  1. Respecting its own traditions, Louis Vuitton demonstrates and reminds the public of its status, exclusivity and elegance. Offbeat venues, A-list celebrities and gorgeous campaigns - the fashion house continues to tell the world that fashion is a different kind of art.
  2. Burberry's goal of a sustainable lifestyle influences campaigns and takes fashion to a new level. The brand shows us that luxury can be ecological and safe for the environment. The British fashion house is trying to show that it's good for the planet and that's attracting thousands of conscious fashionistas.

Before we continue with our comparison, we would like to point out that Louis Vuitton also cares about the environment and nature. But unlike Burberry, it doesn't put it in the spotlight. You can read articles about Louis Vuitton sustainability here.

Which brand is better: Louis Vuitton vs Burberry (6)

Social media presence is an essential part of any company's business strategy. Of course, all luxury brands actively use the internet as a place to communicate with their audience. Let's see which of the brands is more popular!

Here are the follower counts for both fashion houses. The data was collected in May 2021 (actual figures may vary).

Louis Vuitton


Instagram:44.1 million followers

Concerned:7.9 million followers

Instagram:18.1 million followers

Concerned:8.2 million followers

What do these statistics tell us?

  1. The French brand has 2.5 times more followers than the British fashion house.
  2. Burberry doesn't release as regularly as Louis Vuitton. There are at least three posts a day from the French company, while the British brand can skip a day or two.

Which brand is better: Louis Vuitton vs Burberry (7)

Even without expensive advertising campaigns and constant advertising via social networks, brands get their moment of fame. It happens when we see influencers in high-end clothes carrying fancy handbags. For some people, this is still an important criterionWhich brand is better: Louis Vuitton or Burberry?. Let's see the famous fans of both fashion houses!

Louis Vuitton


Justin Timberlake


Bradley Cooper

Sara Jessica Parker

Reese Witherspoon

Jennifer Aniston

Cristiano Ronaldo

bella hadid

Irina Shayk

Billie Eilish

Sarah Paulson

Cazador Schäfer


Kevin Quinn

Dear Delevingne

Emma Watson

Which brand is better: Louis Vuitton vs Burberry (8)

Once you've decided to get that coveted item from the brand of your choice, a bigger question arises: where is the best place to buy it? Fortunately, the range of options is enormous and allows people of different income levels to buy a luxury product.

Louis Vuitton


online at the official site

in the shops

preferred inOur business

online at the official site

In the shops of your town

points of sale

Pre-loved in Consignment sleds

Here we can see many differences!

  1. LV never discounts its luxury items. It's the politics of the brand. You cannot purchase an unused product at a reduced price. In the articleLuxury Designer Outlets: Where to Buy a Cheaper Luxury Handbag in the USwe explain this phenomenon and reveal the secret: what really happens to luxury bags that don't sell. Don't hesitate to try it!
  2. Burberry clothing and accessories can be found in outlets. This is a good opportunity to buy a quality item if you are on a tight budget.

Since both brands offer high-quality consumer goods, second-hand purchases are also possible. If you're new to the world of second-hand shopping, you've come to the right placeBagaholic's guide to choosing your favorite first designer bag you'll never regret. It can save you a lot of time and money!

If you've already had a bad experience with online sellers, find out what to do. To verify4 steps to take if you bought a fake luxury item on Ebay. This can help you avoid such situations in the future.

And of course, when it comes to the used market, always ask for professional authentication before paying for the item. Because it is necessary? Because the quality of fakes increases every year, and it can be difficult for the untrained eye to tell the difference.

Which brand is better: Louis Vuitton vs Burberry (9)

We hope that by now you have made up your mind which brand your heart belongs to. In closing, we just want to highlight a few important moments.

Lovers of timeless and elegant bags should pay attention to Louis Vuitton, a fashion house with history and impeccable quality of leather bags and accessories. However, remember that high quality products cannot be cheap or discounted. Above all, the brand values ​​its traditions.

Supporters of a conscious lifestyle who want to ensure that they do not have a negative impact on the environment can choose clothing and accessories from Burberry. They are known for their durability and universal style.

in the decisionWhich brand is better: Louis Vuitton or Burberry?, let your heart choose. After all, fashion is all about self-expression and only you know what you're ready to say with your outfit!

Found a loved item from Louis Vuitton or Burberry? Don't forget to ask for a professional notarization.

If you need to authenticate a Louis Vuitton/Dior/Gucci item, request one of three types of authentication:

Oral authentication $10

  • well if you need a certificate for some reason,

Certificate of Authenticity $25

  • good if you need a certificate for any reason, either to sell the bag with peace of mind or to return a fake bag to the seller if you bought a fake one
  • contains a permanent certificate inlvbagaholic.com

Certificate of Authenticity with full explanation $50

  • good if you need a certificate and need to know why the bag is genuine or not genuine for some reason either to sell the bag with peace of mind or to return a fake bag to the seller if you bought a fake one.
  • contains a permanent certificate inlvbagaholic.com
  • contains an explanation why the item is fake (detailed photos and comparison with an authentic bag, more than 10 photos included)


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