What color goes with Edgecomb Grey (2023)

Key conclusions:

  • Edgecomb Gray is a versatile neutral that works with a wide range of colors, making it a popular choice in home decor palettes.
  • When pairing Edgecomb gray with other colors, consider complementary colors, monochromatic color schemes, warm and cool accent colors, and color contrasts for interior design inspiration.
  • Neutrals, warms and cools complement Edgecomb Gray in different ways. Some color combinations to avoid include those that create monochromatic color schemes or clash with Edgecomb gray on the color wheel.
  • When pairing Edgecomb gray with an accent color, consider a metallic color for a bold color choice and statement piece. Bold colors can be used for vibrant wall art and rustic textures, while muted colors can create a feminine and soothing color scheme.
  • Edgecomb Gray can be used in a variety of rooms, including living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms, in coordinating colors and metallic finishes or bold color options.
  • Patterns and textures that complement Edgecomb Gray include rustic textures, metallic finishes and patterned fabrics for decorative rugs, cushions, curtains and window treatments, lamp shades, decorative bowls and vases.
  • When choosing colors to pair with Edgecomb Gray, consider elements of color theory and color psychology and choose a palette that suits your personal style and home decorating needs.

Learn about edge combing

Image Source: http://brandingmates.com Author: Joe Ramirez

Choosing the perfect color scheme for a space can be daunting.side comb ash, a versatile neutral paint color frombenjamin moore, can be a good starting point. Understanding color theory and the psychology of Edgecomb Gray can help with neutral color matching and finding popular color schemes.Benjamin Moore Color Matching ToolIt also helps with color matching. Stay on top of color trends while creating a timeless look with the subtle warmth of Edgecomb Gray.Pro tip: Edgecomb gray pairs well with warm wood tones and cool blues, creating a balanced and cohesive space.

Complementary color to Edgecomb grey

turnThe perfect combination of colors for home decoration, consider:

  • complementary fight
  • monochromatic scheme
  • In relationship
  • harmonious

Choose a neutral Edgecomb gray colorEarth tones, pastel and metallic colors.For a warm look, blendwarm gray colors, matching accents and rustic textures.For a cool and chic vibe, choosecold gray, monochromatic ideas, isolated elements and curtains.

neutral color

Earth tones and natural tones are some neutral colors that can complement each otherside comb ash.Pastel and muted colors also work well with this versatile shade. These colors help create a calm and relaxed atmosphere while complementing the subtle undertones of Edgecomb Gray.

Combine metallic shades with Edgecomb gray for a chic and modern look. Details in gold, silver and copper add a luxurious touch to any room while complementing the softness of gray tones.

For a bolder statement, consider combining Edgecomb Gray withdark blue or rich green. The contrast between soft grays and bold accent colors creates an attractive focal point in any space.

Incorporating patterns and textures, such as rustic wood or woven textiles, can add depth to a room while complementing the understated elegance of Edgecomb Grey.

A homeowner once shared his experience of using Edgecomb gray as the main color for his living room walls. They paired it with crisp white decor and added soft blue accents through pillows, curtains and artwork. The result is a peaceful living space that seems comfortable and sophisticated.

Gray goes with everything, but warmth is the spice of life - add some cozy reds and oranges to your Edgecomb gray for a cozy feel.

warm colors

Complement Edgecomb Gray with a warm gray color combination

Pair warm colors with Edgecomb gray for a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. Soft shades of beige, taupe, taupe and caramel complement the warmer tones of Edgecomb Grey. A light gray color scheme with warm accents adds dimension to the space.

A combination of light gray and dark gray

Warm gray tones paired with cool gray tones create a balanced look. Light grays create a relaxing atmosphere, while dark grays add depth to the space. The mixing of warm and cool tones emphasizes the versatility of Edgecomb gray.

(Video) Paint Colour Review: Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

appropriate decorative accents

Soft decorative elements such as pillows, blankets and carpets in warm tones create a relaxing style. Rustic textures like wood veneers and woven fabrics add depth while complementing the warmth of Edgecomb Gray.

Highlight color ideas with metallic finishes

Warm metals such as copper, gold or brass complement the rich colors of Edgecomb Grey. Create a focal point by adding a metallic finish to a light fixture or picture frame. Bronze metallic shades exude a pleasant atmosphere, while silver ones look elegant.

Use a bold accent color for contrast

Adding unexpected colors to gray walls can liven up any interior. Pair Edgecomb gray with jewel tones or even bright white for contrast and to make the room look lively without being overwhelming.

Afraid of missing out on the colorful interior of your dream home? Try matching Edgecombe Gray Walls today! Make a bold statement with vibrant wall art and a special rug that complements the cool gray combination.

Cool colors

Cool shades of Edgecomb gray:

Cool colors like blues, greens and purples work well with Edgecomb gray for a calming atmosphere.

bluesage greenlila
blueolive greenLavender
turquoiseMint greenevergreen blue

To complement this cool tone, consider a cool grayColor combinations or solid color ideasIt makes the whole room look cohesive. add interestIdeas for accent walls or a bold and subtle gray pairing. Vibrant wall art, statement pieces, accent rugs, throw pillows, curtains and drapes, lampshades, decorative bowls and vasescan enhance the beauty of these colors.

For example, I used to decorate the living room by pairing Edgecomb Gray with a beautiful turquoise rug with touches of sage green and lilac. Wall art in a vibrant greenish blue sits among cushions strategically placed on the sofa. This combination creates a calm yet modern space where everyone enjoys spending time.While monochromatic color schemes can be trendy, pairing them with Edgecomb gray can make your room feel drab.

Edgecomb gray colors to avoid

What color goes with Edgecomb Grey (1)

Izvor slike: http:brandingmates.com autor Brandon Wright

When choosing colors to pair with Edgecomb Gray, it's important to consider which hues might clash or compete with the neutrals. use onemonochrome color schemeIt can help create a cohesive color palette. Consulting a color wheel or creating a color inspiration board can also help in choosing complementary colors.

To further guide your color selection, consider avoidingVibrant and bold shadesLike bright red or neon yellow, because they can overpower the Edgecomb gray. Instead, opt for muted or pastel shades like baby blue or lavender, which blend seamlessly with neutral undertones.

To ensure a perfect color match in Edgecomb Grey, please refer to the chart below:

(Video) 5 Best Paint Colors to Match EDGECOMB GRAY by Benjamin Moore

colors to avoidcomplementary fight
bright redsoft pink
neon yellowLight cream
royal purplesage green
It floats electricallydusty gray

Incorporate these color suggestions into your design for a balanced and elegant aesthetic based on Edgecomb Grey. Don't miss the opportunity to improve the look and feel of your space with careful color selection.

Pair Edgecomb gray with an accent color

parside comb ashFor accent colors, you need the right approach. Our solution provides the following possibilitiesBold color options, color blocking and coordinating furniture colors.Also, emphasize the idea of ​​a wall.

Sections include:

  • metallic color
  • bold colors
  • Easter

Read on for these popular options to see which colors work well with your home decor palette.

metallic color

Add charm with metallic details

Metallic accents are a great way to enhance your aestheticside comb ash.These accents are perfect for creating a modern and luxurious atmosphere in your living space. to useGold, copper or silver metal finishIt adds sophistication and charm to your room.

For a seamless color match, choose accessories that include shades similar to your chosen metallic finish. This creates a more cohesive look to your entire space. Avoid excessive use of metal as it will often become too strong.

Do not limit yourself to using only metal surfaces, combine themBold color options and patterned fabricsas a statement. This will help create eye-catching unique designs while maintaining the elegance of Edgecomb Grey.

Joining declaration sections, e.g.a large artwork or lighting installationIt also adds vibrancy and texture to the room. Note that clarity is also important; therefore, an even distribution of these elements ensures a balanced design solution.

after the customer is connectedmetal frame furnitureiblue velvet cushionsContrasted with his Edgecomb Gray living space, ensuring that each element clearly complements the other in its own right.

Add sparkle to your space with a bold color that complements the neutral Edgecomb Gray palette.

bold colors

The strong shade complements Edgecomb grey

Complementing Edgecomb Gray with bold shades is an effective way to add character and personality to your space. A splash of bold, bright color can highlight a piece that will become the focal point of a room.

The table below simplifies choosing a color scheme:

blue greenRich green-blue shades add depth to the space.
PurpleA royal, royal purple that contrasts nicely with the Edgecomb gray walls.
mustard yellowA warm, inviting yellow that brings life to a room.

To add interest to your room, use these bold colors as decorative accents such as vibrant wall art, rustic textures such as decorative rugs and pillows, curtains and drapes, lampshades, decorative bowls and vases.

Using light colors with less saturation creates a balanced look that doesn't overstimulate your senses.

(Video) Neutral Kitchen Paint Colors | Benjamin Moore | Interior Design Lesson 28

Make sure you don't miss out on using bold hues when planning your next home decor renovation.

Soft and calm pastel colors add a touch of calm femininity to any room, creating an oasis of peace inspired by nature.


complementaryside comb ashUsing soft, subtle pastel shades can create feminine color schemes and give a soothing effect. Pastel colors are known for their lightness, subtlety and calming nature.

  • soft pinkA great choice to pair with Edgecomb Gray as it blends well with two colors that evoke a warm feeling. Pink helps with furniture placement and adds softness to the space.
  • light blueIt also pairs well – creating a nature-inspired palette that exudes serenity and peace. It allows you to relax in any space where you can place comfortable seating options such as rope chairs or plush sofas.
  • soft greenEdgecomb gray also works well as it creates a soothing atmosphere that feels very natural - complement this color scheme with natural elements such as leaves or foliage on the wall.

To further add depth to these pastel shades, consider using a contrasting texture or pattern—such as woven fabric or patterned wallpaper.

Remember, these aren't the only options when creating a muted color scheme - keep your patterns, shapes and tastes in mind as you maintain consistency throughout your decorating decisions.

Add a touch of Edgecomb Gray to your living room for a cozy chic ambiance that will be the envy of your guests.

Use Edgecomb Gray in different rooms

side comb ashis the solution for your interior design inspiration! there are cluesColor coordination and color trends.See subsections for living room, kitchen and bedroom.

Neutrals, intense colors, metallics, patterns and statement pieces.

Color blocking, color matching, bold hues, metallics, rustic textures, rugs, pillows, curtains, lampshades, bowls and vases.

Calm colors, pastel shades, daring options, metallic shades and striking pieces.

living room

Natural tones create a calm and sophisticated ambience for public gatherings. A perfect combination of shades is essential to achieve this. Explore some great living room combinations, but don't go overboard with contrasting colors.

Living room combination:

neutral tonesbold colors
side comb ashJade green
light brownorange
creamblue green

For an added edge, incorporate metallic finishes, such as gold or silver trim, to add subtle dynamism to the living room. Patterned fabrics can also add depth and texture to a space when paired with a neutral wall such as Edgecomb Grey. Statement pieces liven up a room by showcasing your personal style.

Professional advice:Choose from the latest trend-inspired accessories to add edginess to the living space while keeping the walls subdued and calm.

Add some sparkle to your kitchen with metallic finishes, bold color options and rustic textures that complement Edgecomb gray.

the kitchen

for your kitchen,side comb ashCreate a cozy space that radiates warmth and helps create the perfect atmosphere for cooking and dining.

(Video) Edgecomb Gray HC-173 by Benjamin Moore

  • Color Matching: Pair Edgecomb Gray withbeige or whiteCabinets will give your kitchen a clean, sophisticated look.
  • Color block: useEdgecomb gray on the walland compare it withdark gray kitchen countertopsCreate a chic, modern look.
  • Bold color choices: by adding a splash of colorSignature rugs, cushions, curtains and drapes, lampshades, decorative bowls and vasesbold shades such asred or dark blueAdd some personality.
  • Metal finishes: modernize your kitchen by introducing elementsmetallic finishExamples include silver lighting or nickel hardware.

Add torustic textureStore on a wooden cutting board or wicker basket. By keeping your color palette simple by using muted tones in the background and pops of color throughout the decor, you can create a welcoming space that doesn't feel overwhelming.

Transform your bedroom into an oasis of calm with calming pastels, bold metallic accents and striking pieces that scream "relax".


The right choice of bedroom colors can create a relaxing atmosphere,side comb ashA great place to start. Soothing color options like muted blues, greens and purples work harmoniously with this warm neutral color. Adding bold color choices as accents to bedding or drapes can add excitement without compromising the predominantly calming vibe. metallic accentssilver or goldIt goes well with this shade of gray. Personalizing items such as mirrors or light fixtures can add depth and texture to your space without losing the overall balance that Edgecomb Gray brings.

Add some sparkle and rustic charm to your spaceMetallic finishes and patterned fabricsthat supplementside comb ash.

Patterns and textures to pair with Edgecomb Grey

What color goes with Edgecomb Grey (2)

Image credit: http:brandingmates.com, Timothy Thompson

Patterns and textures that complement Edgecomb gray

Edgecomb gray is a versatile color that complements a variety of patterns and textures. Here are some pairing ideas:

  • Metal processing:Add a touch of glamor and sophistication with metallic finishes like polished chrome or brushed nickel. These finishes pair perfectly with the warm, muted shade of Edgecomb Grey.
  • Rustic texture:Create a cozy atmosphere with rustic textures such as weathered wood, wicker baskets and natural fibers. These textures add depth and interest to the space without overpowering the subtle aesthetics of Edgecomb Gray.
  • Patterned fabric:Add visual interest to your space with patterned fabrics like stripes, geometric patterns or floral prints. These fabrics create a sense of movement and can be used in a variety of ways, such as cushions or curtains.

Namely, any of these elements can be used in combination to create a cohesive design scheme. Additionally, textures can be layered to add depth and dimension.

Incorporating these design elements into your space requires careful consideration, but the results are worth it. By choosing patterns and textures that complement Edgecomb gray, you can achieve a balanced, harmonious look that's both attractive and stylish.

Fun fact:Edgecomb Gray is named after Edgecomb, Maine, a small coastal town known for its scenic beauty and colonial architecture. The colors are inspired by the soft, natural tones found in the city's historic buildings and landscape.

Some facts about the color that goes with Edgecomb gray:

  • ✅ Edgecomb Gray is a versatile neutral color that goes well with both warm and cool tones. (Source: Benjamin Moore)
  • ✅ When combining Edgecomb gray with warmer tones, try shades of gold, orange and red. (Source: Elle Decor)
  • ✅ When combining Edgecomb Gray with cool tones, try blue, green and purple shades. (Source: Houzz)
  • ✅ Edgecomb gray also goes well with bold and bright colors such as pink or sunny yellow. (Source: Spruce)
  • ✅ If in doubt, stick to a solid color scheme and pair Edgecomb gray with white or cream for a timelessly elegant look.(Source: Nice home)

Frequently asked questions about what color is suitable for Edgecomb gray

What color does Edgecomb Gray go with?

Edgecomb gray is a versatile neutral color that goes well with a variety of shades. Here are some color combinations to consider:

  • soft pastel blue
  • warm milky white
  • deep, rich navy
  • bold, earthy green
  • Subtle, soft purple
  • rich warm brown

Can I mix Edgecomb gray with black?

While black can look too stark with Edgecomb gray, you can create a stunning contrast by adding black accents to the room. Consider adding visual interest with black window frames, accent furniture or trim.

How about metallic accents?

Metallic accents can add a touch of glamor and sophistication to a room with Edgecomb gray walls. Choose a bronze, gold or copper finish to bring warmth and depth to the space.

(Video) Edgecomb Gray Benjamin Moore

Would Edgecomb Gray look good with pastels?

That! Edgecomb gray goes well with pastel shades like soft pink, powder blue and mint green. Consider adding these colors to accent pillows, throw pillows, or artwork for a subtle pop of color.

Can I use Edgecomb Gray in a small room?

Absolutely! Edgecomb gray is a great color choice for small rooms because it is neutral and can make the space look bigger. Consider pairing it with light-colored furniture and accessories for a light atmosphere.

How should I accent Edgecomb Gray in a coastal themed room?

Edgecomb Gray is the perfect neutral base for a coastal themed room. You can complete the look by adding elements such as driftwood, seashells and nautical elements in navy blue or green sea foam.


What color compliments Edgecomb GREY? ›

Blue is an excellent choice for rooms with Edgecomb Gray because it has a soft, peaceful look that fits well with the neutral shade. It also pairs well with other colors in the green family, such as green or yellow, because they tend to have similar hues.

What is the difference between Edgecomb gray and Modern gray? ›

Edgecomb Gray reads lighter and more beige than Modern Gray does as it proudly shows off its brown undertones. But Edgecomb Gray does have some gray in there too, which is what these two colors have in common.

Is Edgecomb gray timeless? ›

Edgecomb Gray HC-173 by Benjamin Moore

A timeless and popular neutral, this go-to greige can be used in both modern and classic room designs.

Does Edgecomb gray go with agreeable gray? ›

They are both warm greige colors with green undertones. Edgecomb (sample here)would likely be the better choice for a room with low light or Northern exposure. If Edgecomb Gray looks good in a room, Agreeable will likely look good.

Is Edgecomb Gray more beige or gray? ›

Edgecomb Gray is a soft and airy gray paint color that has a bit of beige in it. It teeters between gray and beige, which makes it an excellent greige paint color. Depending on the lighting situation, EG can lean either more gray or beige.

What trim color goes best with Edgecomb Gray? ›

Trim Colors

You can pair Edgecomb Gray with either a bright white or warm white trim color.

Does Edgecomb gray go with dark furniture? ›

Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Gray is a timeless paint color that will pair well with any accent color. Ground the warmth of this with black or dark furniture (coffee and console tables) and even it out with light cream or white textile pieces.

What greens go with Edgecomb gray? ›

Saybrook Sage – this medium yellow-green sage looks stunning when paired with this greige. Hawthorne Yellow – when you want a more stimulating ambiance, turn to yellow! Hawthorne Yellow is a beautiful medium shade, and it pairs nicely with the warm undertones in Edgecomb Gray.

Is Revere Pewter or Edgecomb gray darker? ›

Hi Charles, Edgecomb gray is a lighter version of Revere Pewter. Revere Pewter was too dark in my home and can look dark if there's not enough sunlight. I think Edgecomb gray willl look great with any warmer cream color because it's the perfect greige between beige and gray.

What color is one shade lighter than edgecomb gray? ›

Which Shade Is Lighter Than Edgecomb Gray? Of all the shades compared here, Edgecomb Gray is probably closest to Pale Oak in undertones. While they are not exactly the same color, if you want a color that is just a bit lighter than Edgecomb Gray, Pale Oak would be a good choice.

Is Collingwood darker than Edgecomb gray? ›

Collingwood is more gray and Edgecomb has a bit of beige. Edgecomb Gray is the warmer toned color.

Is Edgecomb gray darker than pale oak? ›

While the colors are very similar, Pale Oak is a little bit lighter than Edgecomb Gray. Pale Oak has an LRV of 70 and Edgecomb Gray has an LRV of 63, meaning it reflects a touch less light.

What is the most popular gray color for walls? ›

Agreeable Gray is one of the most popular gray paint colors for a reason. It's a beautiful, natural, soft color that works with a variety of different design styles. It's versatile, too, looking great in both light and dark rooms. Agreeable Gray also pairs well with most wood tones.

Is Edgecomb GREY taupe? ›

The Specs. Benjamin Moore's Edgecomb Gray is a soft, warm greige that has a taupe tone. With an LRV of 63.88, it is a mid-range shade, so it's not too muted but isn't overly deep either.

Does simply white go with edgecomb grey? ›

Yes, Simply White pairs perfectly with Edgecomb Gray. Simply White is in the off-white paint color family and has much more warmth to it than a cooler true white. You could also pair it with Dove White or Alabaster.

Is Edgecomb gray lighter than Revere Pewter? ›

Even though Revere Pewter and Edgecomb Gray are both members of the greige paint color family, there are very clear differences. While Revere Pewter leans closer to gray, Edgecomb Gray leans closer to beige. The LRV of Edgecomb Gray is 63.88, making it significantly lighter than Revere Peweter.

Is Edgecomb gray darker than Balboa Mist? ›

Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist vs Edgecomb Gray

While they have similar brightness, Edgecomb Gray (LRV of 63.88) is darker and has more green-brown undertones. Generally speaking, it will look more “taupe” in a room than Balboa Mist.

What color ceiling goes with Edgecomb gray? ›

What are the Best Trim and Ceiling Colors For Edgecomb Gray? I prefer to use this paint color with clean or bright off-whites such as Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace, BM Oxford White, or SW Pure White. Whites with strong yellow undertones such as BM Simply White or BM Snowfall White can also be nice with this color.

Are baby fawn and Edgecomb gray the same color? ›

OC-15 Baby Fawn and HC-173 Edgecomb Gray are one in the same! This historical colour also found in the off-whites, is adeptly placed in both. It's one of the darkest off-whites you'll find in the off-white section, but maintains a light-to-medium tone within the historical colours.

Does Seapearl go with Edgecomb gray? ›

Edgecomb Gray is the main living room and hallways color with Seapearl as the trim paint.

Does Edgecomb gray go with Aegean Teal? ›

Joining Aegean Teal at the peak color trends are Hale Navy, a highly saturated shade of navy blue, and Edgecomb Gray – a timeless gray with contemporary overtones.

Does gray owl go with edgecomb gray? ›

Gray Owl and Edgecomb gray do not pair well together. Gray Owl is a cool paint color, while Edgecomb Gray is a warmer color. And while Gray Owl can pair well with colors that have warmer undertones sometimes, this isn't one of those times.

Does Edgecomb gray go with honey oak? ›

This beautiful greige also compliments honey oak tones of wood really well, so it's a great choice for kitchen walls.

What is one shade lighter than BM Collingwood? ›

Balboa Mist. Balboa Mist is another similar gray paint color, but it is lighter than Collingwood gray. Collingwood and Balboa Mist are actually in the same color family, but Balboa Mist is about one shade lighter.

What is the difference between Edgecomb GREY and GREY owl? ›

Edgecomb Gray has a lot more beige in it than Gray Owl, and is a much warmer gray. For rooms that have more Southern exposure (and more light) I like to use bluer tones, and in rooms with Northern light exposure, I use warmer tones. However, both look nice side-by-side.

What is the difference between Collingwood and Edgecomb gray? ›

Collingwood is more gray and Edgecomb has a bit of beige. Edgecomb Gray is the warmer toned color.

Does pale oak go with edgecomb grey? ›

When should I avoid Pale Oak? Don't pair Pale Oak with green-gray paint colors such as BM Revere Pewter, BM Edgecomb Gray or SW Agreeable Gray. The taupe can look pink when contrasted with a neutral color that has green undertones. It can also look discordant with yellow or yellow-beige paint colors.

What is 2 shades darker than edgecomb gray? ›

Hawthorne Yellow is a beautiful medium shade, and it pairs nicely with the warm undertones in Edgecomb Gray. Chelsea Gray – darker than Edgecomb Gray, pairing the two together helps make each of them stand out. Kendall Charcoal – a dark gray that's just as versatile as Edgecomb Gray.

What is a shade lighter than Edgecomb gray? ›

Pale Oak has a slightly higher LRV than Edgecomb Gray, meaning that Pale Oak is lighter than Edgecomb Gray – though not significantly. This is a beige with gray undertones. It has a lot of warmth to it but doesn't really feel yellow. Pale Oak has warm, yellow undertones.

What is one shade lighter than Collingwood? ›

Balboa Mist. Balboa Mist is another similar gray paint color, but it is lighter than Collingwood gray. Collingwood and Balboa Mist are actually in the same color family, but Balboa Mist is about one shade lighter.


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