The weather in Yangon in June is around 30°C (2023)

time: Temperatures continue to drop and hover around 30°C (93°F). The weather in June can be unpredictable and you can expect showers when you are outside. However, showers don't last long enough to affect your overall travel experience.

In fact, June is still a great month to travel, as the weather is likely to be mostly dry and temperatures may be lower than in previous months.

apparel: Long pants and long-sleeved shirts are required as temperatures tend to drop. But you will still need to bring shorts as the temperature during the day is around 30°C (93°F).

Off-season: The number of tourists continues to decrease, so you can take advantage of this because there are less crowds at this time. It's easier to find special deals on hotels and flights.

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The weather in Yangon in June is around 30°C (1) The weather in Yangon in June is around 30°C (2)The weather in Yangon in June is around 30°C (3) The weather in Yangon in June is around 30°C (4)

An excellently planned and executed tour of Myanmar

Asia Highlights and their local partner in Myanmar "mAsia" did a great job in planning and executing the one week trip to Myanmar. The various guides and drivers were very knowledgeable and fluent in English.


Gerd, January 2018

the journey of a lifetime

I would also like to highlight the guides that are available in certain places. Rum in Siem Reap makes for the most memorable experiences possible. His positivity was contagious - even when it felt like 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and we were all tired. He brought it all to life and created days of Ankor Wat and more that we will never forget! He heard my daughter's request for specific Cambodian food and changed our itinerary to go into the village and eat at a famous local shop. He brought us the dessert she asked for in the car! All in all, he and his driver "Lucky" are the reason to go to Siem Reap. Also, the other wizards (minus one that was immediately replaced) are fantastic. Monday in Bangkok was friendly and I had a great day. Eak in Chiang Mai gave us a first class food tour and a tour of the city and surrounding temples that made us laugh; Tommy in Hanoi saved us from being killed in traffic and provided us with excellent food and architecture/history tours - very friendly and fun; fishing village tour in Hoi An and trailer tour in Saigon, both unforgettable! Thank you Sharon and Asia Highlights. Will definitely use again on future trips!


Teri Simpson, April 2023

Adventures in Cambodia and Vietnam!

Our guide in Cambodia, Meas Darapolaith (Pol) was absolutely fantastic. He is knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. His English is excellent and he shared great insights about the history and magnificent places we visited. We highly recommend it!


Jennifer Rothkrieger, April 2023

My daughter and I wanted to explore SE...

My daughter and I wanted to explore Southeast Asia. As the first in the area, we wanted to use a travel agency. We ended up using Asia Highlights. From the very beginning we were impressed with their service. We left home relieved that all pre-trip arrangements had been thought through and effectively communicated to us. All our questions were answered quickly. Once in those countries, we were greeted by excellent guides. Everything is taken care of for us. We had no problems. They picked the right guide for us and were very knowledgeable and attentive to our needs. We have Dhat in Vietnam and Borin in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I highly recommend Asia Highlights. I returned home rested with lots of beautiful photos and memories. I will definitely be using Asia Highlights again on my next trip to Asia.


Isabelle Dessaux, work 2023

Great tours and guides in Cambodia

We spent the last 2 days exploring Cambodia with Borin (and driver 007). What a wonderful experience! Bolin was an excellent guide, by far the best in South East Asia, explaining the history and culture of Cambodia visiting the temples in and around Angkor as well as the mine museum. He answered all our questions, made sure we were comfortable and ate well. 007 made sure we always had enough water and cold towels to wipe our face/neck. We highly recommend Borin as a tour guide in Cambodia! !


Monica, March 2023

Asia Travel The best travel service

Alisa Liu took care of the arrangements, helped us arrange everything from the beginning, and also helped us when we had questions and asked for some adjustments. Her service is at the highest professional level. We are 100% confident that our trip will be perfect. We also had 100% confidence that Alisa would be there to guide and take care of us, should anything happen to us on our trip. We wouldn't even consider using another travel agency to travel around Asia and we want Alisa to work for us again.


Leo, March 2023

Tour of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand

The tour guide and driver are another highlight. They are all very friendly, kind, educated and speak good English. I would like to commend both of them for their excellence. Chan Sovannarith from Siem Reap was our guide in Cambodia. He really made the experience special. His knowledge, willingness to answer all my questions, helpfulness and general attitude made him a lot of fun. To give credit to another excellent guide, I must explain the misfortune I had. I'm usually a very active senior citizen, but after leaving Cambodia for Laos, I suddenly had the worst back pain I've ever experienced, I couldn't even turn over in bed (sciatica as a result). The guide Mr. Sonophet really tried his best. He went with my companion and bought me braces and medicine. When that didn't help much, he took me to a clinic where the doctor showed me the dose of the vaccine and the painkillers. He made me a walking stick with his own hands that I still use! He somehow made it possible for me to participate, a bed on a boat down the river. When it was time to go to Bangkok, he bought me a wheelchair at the airport. I cannot thank him enough for his kindness! This problem persisted for the rest of the trip, through Bangkok and Phuket, the guides were also very helpful with wheelchairs etc. It's disappointing that this wonderful trip was cut short, but it would have been much worse without the help I received from the guide and my poor companion !


Deb M, March 2023

good hand with Sam

Ol himself took great care of us - he was informative, listened and answered all our questions and was so passionate about the places we visited, his people and his country. He was kind, had a great sense of humor and always made us feel safe and comfortable. He helped us fall in love with Cambodia in just three days.


Carol Jones, February 2023

the best travel guide in cambodia

It was great to be greeted by Mr. Sam Ol when we first arrived at Siem Reap airport. We immediately felt welcome when we saw his friendly smile. We were very impressed with his fluent English and knowledge of the temple. Sam took care of us every step of the way during our visit to the temple. He took great shots of us. It felt like we were on tour with our brother who is also a professional photographer. We also appreciated his humor and the fact that he had an answer to every question we had. I give myself 5 stars, the best tour guide ever :)


Len S, February 2023

gentlemen. himself

Mr. Sam was our guide in Cambodia, he and the driver were above and beyond for the tour, my wife just blew us away with such a beautiful country and we plan to return here in the near future. Thank you Mr. Sam, we will update you on the full itinerary when we return to the US next week


Pho Lover, February 2023


We are still on the road but just finished our stay in Cambodia and our guide Borin was amazing! ! ! He really made our time here unforgettable and I plan to recommend all my friends and family to visit this beautiful country! Thank you, Borin, for everything you did to make our trip amazing!


Danielle Blunt February 2023

Excellent service and wonderful guide

All our guides were excellent. Mr. Sam in Siem Reap is fantastic. Both he and our driver were friendly, knowledgeable and informative. Sam made our trip memorable and enjoyable. We will definitely recommend Sam and Asia Highlights to our friends.


Karen, February 2023

Large guiding charity in Siem Reap

Our experience in Siem Reap could not have been better thanks to our wonderful and cheerful guide, Charity. Her good spoken English made it easy for us to learn a lot from her. She understood and answered all our questions. She is relaxed and knowledgeable. She went out of her way to help us capture amazing panoramic photos of the cottonwoods in Siem Reap and on our sunset cruise. She also recommended Chanrey Tree Restaurant - the best vegetarian restaurant we found in the first 3 weeks of our Asia trip. It's nice to have a vegan meal with very little oil! ! ! ! We shouldn't have oil, and it's hard to find vegan oil-free ones. He came back the next night.


Barbara Cornyn, January 2023

The best tour guide and driver in Cambodia

Mr. Rum takes his profession very seriously and enriched the visit with his great knowledge and interesting and relevant stories. He is a great storyteller. More importantly, he's a great guy and we're glad we got to know him in our short time together. Both he and Thary smiled triumphantly. They are light and fun. It should not be surprising that Mr. Rum maintained contacts and friendships with many of his former clients.


John Mullin, January 2023

Charity and Cambodia are great!

We had a great time in Siem Reap. Charities are our guides, the best! As she guided us, she brought knowledge and enthusiasm. Her kindness, warmth and openness made our trip and experience in Siem Reap so wonderful. She gave us great suggestions for things to do at the end of the day, like going to a dance show or visiting a night market, and early morning activities like watching the sunrise from a hot air balloon. It was amazing and we are very grateful to Charity for making this trip so memorable. She also gave us great food recommendations and went out of her way to ensure that our vegetarian and food requests were met. Our driver and car were also excellent. We had the best time in Cambodia and would love to visit again. We recommend everyone who has the opportunity to visit and have Charity as their guide!


Prema, January 2023

Amazing trip to Cambodia, excellent…

Great trip to Cambodia with a great tour guide Luch..Luch was very knowledgeable and took extra time to explain the sculptures of Angkor Wat to us..Private car was very comfortable..Well planned..We love Cambodia and would definitely be recommended by Friends. Asian strands are the best


Koustuv Sarkar, January 2023

Our representative in Cambodia, Chan Sovannarith…

Our representative in Cambodia, Chan Sovannarith, was very attentive and took care of my daughter's discomfort by taking us to the pharmacy to get medicine. I highly recommend Chan as an Asia Highlights representative, he did a fantastic job getting us back to the airport, he really waited to make sure we were all ready for our flight to Chang Mai, Thailand. If there was a problem, I felt safe knowing he was there. Again, great rap. Thank you! !


Karen Brooks, December 2022

we really enjoyed the trip

We thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Our guide Mr. Polrith was very knowledgeable and provided insightful information about the country's history, culture and religion. Cambodian temples are amazing. They are more beautiful than you can imagine. Thank you very much Mr. Polrith and see you next time


Tugba Balc, December 2022

a truly magical experience

You can judge the quality of a travel company by how they handle bumps in the road. In Siem Reap, when Cambodia Angkor Air unexpectedly charged a baggage fee, Albee agreed to bear the fee without hesitation.


Bob Bosshard, May 2020

Asian tour

We booked two trips to China through China Highlights. Both trips were a great experience. So when we were planning our trip to Cambodia, we immediately thought of Asia Highlights because they offer Vietnam tours


Frank and Nadia, November 2019

things to do

June is still a good month to visit Yangon as the number of tourists decreases due to the pleasant weather.

However, most beach resorts close in mid-June to prepare for the months of inclement weather, so those looking to party on the beach should avoid June. It is still a good idea to visit downtown Yangon during June.

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Visit the Cathedral of St. Maria

Completed in 1899, when Lower Burma was a province of British India, St Mary's Cathedral survived the 1930 Yangon earthquake, the Japanese invasion during World War II and the Allied invasion of Rangoon. Almost 120 years, that's a real miracle.

St. Mary's Cathedral is the largest and most attractive cathedral in Myanmar, with a red brick exterior, belfry and belfry on the roof. The interior is colorful. The cathedral shows another side of Yangon, some European cultural heritage.

Every day, many locals and tourists come to mass or go there to pray. Whatever your religion, St. Mary's Church is truly a wonderful place to calm down and relax, experience peace, pray for your family and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Location: Bo Aung Kyaw Street, Botahtaung Township, Yangon

Enjoy the Loop Train ride

The Yangon Circular Railway was built by the British during the colonial period. The cheapest form of transportation in Yangon, with a loop system of 28.5 miles and 39 stations, it takes about 3 hours to complete the entire loop, slower than most subways or metros in other countries.

Although the circular train journey takes longer than train journeys in other countries, it is the perfect way for tourists to relax and see Yangon from a completely different perspective.

It's also a great way to experience the real Yangon, as the circular train is the main form of public transport for locals. You can ride the train with commuters and even chat with them.

Along the train route, you can see farmlands, villages and farmers toiling in a rural lifestyle that is very different from the urban environment. This is the way of life of most Burmese people. This is the real world and the prism through which most Burmese view life.

Location: Bogyoke Aung San Street, Kyauktada Municipality (Railway Station)

Service hours: from 3:45 a.m. to 10:15 p.m

Fare: 200 Kyat per 15 miles

Average speed: 15.3 km/h

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14-Day Myanmar Photography Tour Yangon - Golden Rock - Mandalay - Bagan - Inle Lake

Learn more about Buddhism at Chaukhtatgyi Temple

Chaukhtatgyi Temple is one of the most famous Buddhist temples in Yangon.

The reclining Buddha statue in the temple is the most revered in the country and one of the largest at 66 meters (217 feet). There are 108 pieces of red and gold on the soles, representing the 108 characteristics of the Buddha.

The temple was originally sponsored by a wealthy Burmese Buddhist in 1899, although the statue was completed by someone else in 1907. However, in the 1950s, the old Buddha statue was removed due to its disproportionate and aggressive expression. A new statue replaced the then old Buddha.

During your visit, you can see various locals around the Big Buddha. Some believe in praying for something, while others simply gather to escape the heat of the day or discuss the events of their day.

In a country like Myanmar, about 85% of the population is Buddhist, which shows how pious the locals are. Stop for an hour or two at the temple and enjoy a moment of peace.

Location: Shwegondine Road, Bahan Township, Yangon

Working hours: from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m

Ticket price: 5 dollars

Transportation: Half an hour's walk from Shwedagon Pagoda; take a bus from Bandarpin or Chaukhtatgyi

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