The best modular home builders in 2023 (2023)

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When you're buying a factory-built home, you'll often coordinate your purchase through a licensed dealer or builder, so choosing the right builder is an important step. Most of the home's construction will be done at the builder's facility—typically 80 to 90 percent—before it shows up on your construction site.

Modular homes for new schools have plenty of appeal, and the company offers a variety of plans to choose from. Many use sustainable materials and processes and willcustom optionsto suit your situation. Quality building materials and workmanship are also important factors to consider when choosing who to go with. So, to get you started, we've put together a list of the best modular home builders.

The best modular home builders in 2023

The best modular home builders

The best modular home builders

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  • home of champions
  • modular printing
  • Commodore House
  • method home
  • deer valley
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the best overall :home of champions

main specifications

  • Available regions:Nationwide (all 50 states)
  • A virtual design tool?Yes
  • Home style:Ranch, duplexes, Cape Cod, multi-family homes, micro homes and more

why we choose him

Champion Homes offers a wide variety of plans and has an extensive network of dealers and builders to help you complete yourspurchase process.

Mana benefits

an advantage

  • Advanced search function filter design

  • virtual tour

  • Over 60 years of experience


  • limited selection in some areas

  • You must work with local merchants on pricing


Since 1953, Champion Home Builders has been a national leader in factory-built homes. The modular home builder offers many different floor plans and a variety of features to make your house feel like a custom home. Choose from options such as expanded master suites, gourmet kitchens, custom architectural details and vaulted ceilings.

An advanced search function on the company's website allows potential buyers to filter homes by style, size and must-have features. State and local building code specifications will affect which modular home plans are available to you. However, you have the ability to customize the features and finishes of your home to suit your preferences and budget.

Champion offers a variety of options including ranch, duplex, Cape Cod and multi-family plans.

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Many real estate associations, including the National Association of Home Builders, classify the term "master bedroom" (or "master suite") as a discriminatory term. "Master Bedroom" is a name widely used in the real estate industry today and may better reflect the purpose of the room.

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best fit :modular printing

main specifications

  • Available regions:Nationwide (all 50 states)
  • A virtual design tool?And
  • Home style:traditional, log cabin, log cabin, log cabin, seaside, modern and small house

why we choose him

Impresa offers nearly 1,000 floor plans that can be modified to match the design of your dreams. Plus, innovative online shopping tools like the Instant Project Cost Estimator make it easy to see options within your budget.

Mana benefits

an advantage

  • An interactive online tool for design and estimation

  • More than 1000 floor plans available

  • Factory discount for customers


  • Network floor plans already include upgrades or add-ons


Impresa is the only custom modular home manufacturer in the country with factory partners in all 50 states. The company also offers a variety of floor plans, with different home styles and heights to choose from.

Simply enter your building's zip code to view available options for your desired location. The site's user-friendly tools, such as the Express Project Estimator, give you instant access to transparent pricing. It also provides estimates of other common costs such as site and foundation work, installation and finishing work, utility connections and permitting. Impressa's Project Homestyler software will guide you in developing your own custom modular home plans.

Then bring your building plans directly to Impresa and enjoy a $500 discount on factory direct orders. From start to finish, your Impresa custom home will be built, delivered and completed in just three to five months.

the best budget :Commodore House

main specifications

  • Available regions:Northeast, Midwest, and Mid-Atlantic
  • A virtual design tool?And
  • Home style:Ranch, Cape Cod, Two Story i više

why we choose him

With Commodore Homes, you can manage how much you spend on your home purchase by choosing from the company's Value First Home Buying program, available in 31 states.

Mana benefits

an advantage

  • A variety of home plans are available from 600 to 2,000 square feet

  • Visual design tools allow for optional finishes and features

  • Basements, garages and decks can be added


  • Limited virtual tours and photos are available


If you're shopping for an affordable home but don't want to sacrifice options, consider Commodore Corporation. The manufacturing group operates a network of factories that build and deliver homes in 31 states. You can purchase a basic bungalow (600 square feet) or choose a larger home (up to 2,000 square feet) for your growing family.

Commodore brands—including Manorwood Homes, Pennwest Homes, R-Anell Homes, MidCountry Homes and Commodore of Pennsylvania—offer value-oriented design. pagesCentral search toolIt allows you to browse and choose the floor plan that suits you best.

Quality building materials and craftsmanship have become the standard, but you canupgrade your homeChoose optional finishes using the virtual website design tool. Savvy shoppers can use this tool to see which options offer the best value.

the best high end :method home

main specifications

  • Available regions:West and Pacific (additional areas available for delivery)
  • A virtual design tool?Yes
  • Home style:modern

why we choose him

Method Homes offers a range of contemporary homes that can be expanded to suit your lifestyle needs and fitted out with sustainable features.

Mana benefits

an advantage

  • Allows selection of extended floor plans

  • Enables certification of green construction

  • Created by masters and women


  • expensive

  • Additional shipping costs outside the western states


Method Homes specializes in sustainable design to meet the needs of clients seeking customization. The Washington-based household manufacturer serves Washington, Oregon, California, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado and Utah. However, I can ship to other locations in the US and Canada at a higher freight rate.

Company styleassembly designFrom $170 to $350 per square foot, not including the necessary engineering fees and permits. Site delivery and set-up costs (including trucking, excavation, foundation, utilities, cranes and finishing) can cost an additional $100 per square foot. Also, many floor plans can be expanded by adding additional modules.

Method Homes also offers the option of building homes that meet environmental certification standards including LEED, EnergyStar or Passive House parameters.

the best energy saving :deer valley

main specifications

  • Available regions:South, South Atlantic and Northeast Central
  • A virtual design tool?Yes
  • Home style:Ranch, A-Frame, Cape Cod, Bungalow and more

why we choose him

Deer Valley builds energy efficient homes and sources high quality building materials.

Mana benefits

an advantage

  • Flexible plans

  • Energy-efficient building materials and processes

  • Offers the Nativ Living collection designed for outdoor enthusiasts


  • Availability is limited outside the southeastern and central US.


Deer Valley Homes offers quality, energy-efficient modular homes in three collections with attractive heights and custom design options.

The company's houses are well built and well insulated, designed to be energy efficient and minimize utility costs. You'll find features like standard 2" x 6" exterior wall construction with R19 insulation, Low-E thermal windows, perimeter floor registers, and radiant barrier roof shingles (standard on all Deer Valley homes).

Deer Valley's unique floor plan appeals to homeowners looking for modern yet rustic charm, with features like cozy covered porches and contemporary kitchen islands with handcrafted cabinetry.

final judgment

Champion Home Builders earned our pick for Best Modular Home Builder because of its variety of floor plans and partnerships with a wide network of dealers. The company offers designs for ranches, duplexes, Cape Cod homes and multi-family homes, as well as tiny homes. Its website is easy to use and includes features that allow you to categorize homes by style and size, as well as view floor plans available in your area (based on your state's laws and licenses). Champion also has 60 years of experience ensuring top quality products are produced by experienced builders.

The best modular home builders compared

societyavailable areaA virtual design tool?home style
the best overallhome of championsthe whole countryYesRanch, two-story, Cape Cod, multi-family and micro homes
best fitmodular printingthe whole countryAndtraditional, log cabin, log cabin, log cabin, seaside, modern and small house
the best budgetCommodore HouseNortheast, Midwest, and Mid-AtlanticAndRanch, Cape Cod, Two Story i više
the best high endmethod homeWest and Pacific (additional areas available for delivery)Yesmodern, modern
Best for energy efficiencydeer valleySouth, South Atlantic and Northeast CentralYesRanch, A-Frame, Cape Cod and bungalows

Frequently asked questions

  • Who are the biggest builders of modular houses?

    Clayton Homes is considered the largest modular home builder in the United States, but many other builders offer homes with more innovative designs and higher quality construction materials. For example,home of championsAlso available in most parts of the country, docmodular printingHomes available in all 50 US states.

  • Who produces the most affordable modular houses?

    Commodore Homes is our affordable pick, but there are other state budget builders. It's best to research both large and small builders in your area to determine which option is best for you, since some budget companies don't build homes for all climates (think snow loads) and construction specifications.

  • Which is better, manufactured or modular homes?

    Although manufactured (mobile) and modular homes are built to federal HUD standards (applicable to all 50 states), modular home manufacturers must build specifically to state and local codes.Both types of homes are considered "factory built," and some manufacturers make both modular andmobile addition, prefabricated homes stand on a permanent steel chassis, while modular homes are disassembled from the chassis used for constructiontransport, and then rest permanently.

  • What is the expected lifespan of a modular home?

    Modular homes are built to the same specifications and involve the same processes as prefabricated homes. As a result, a modular home has the same lifespan as an assembled home, which can be 100 years or more, depending on the building design.

  • Are modular homes worth the money?

    Modular homes are a great investment for buyers who want quality construction at a more affordable price or for those looking for sustainable options. Modular homes are generally more affordable than prefabricated homes, but more expensive than manufactured (mobile) homes. However, depending on features and upgrades, some modular designs can cost more than a built-in starter home.


We evaluated leading companies and determined the best modular home builders based on factors such as service area, floor plan availability, features included, and customization. Some modular home manufacturers sell directly to homeowners, while others work through a network of retailers. We compared each company based on its location and affordability, upgradeability, overall build quality, affordability and home style, and prioritized companies that use energy-efficient design and source sustainable building products.

The best modular home builders in 2023 (6)

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