Franz Josef Hot Springs Visit Guide - Glacier Hot Springs Overview (2023)

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Here is an unbiased review and guide to visiting The Glacier Hot Pools at Franz Josef, New Zealand! We personally love thermal pools and have been there several times. Here's everything you should know before you go!

Thousands of tourists come to Franz Josef every year to visit the magnificent Franz Josef Glacier. The opportunity to stand on or near a glacier is one without visitorsNew Zealandshould be missed.

But what most people don't know is that the glaciers aren't all that make Franz Josef such an amazing place - the Franz Josef thermal springs are also a huge attraction!

During my visit to Franz Josef, I read about the Franz Josef Spa, but to be honest, I didn't buy into the idea right away. After paying $25 to visit some of the hot springs around Oakland and being pretty disappointed, I'm not so willing to spend the money to do it again.

Also, as a blogger I always have to try it out so I can let you (our dear readers) know how it goes later!

If you're heading to Franz Josef and think you'll love relaxing in a natural hot spring, this Franz Josef Spa Guide will help you find out everything you need to know before you go!

notes:The Franz Josef Thermal Pools were once called the Franz Josef Thermal Pools, but were later renamed the Glacier Thermal Pools. Glacier Hot Springs is the same as Franz Josef Hot Springs.

Overview of Franz Josef Thermal Springs / Glacier Spa

Franz Josef Glacier Hot Springs?

Franz Josef Spa is a beautiful spa with three pools of different temperatures to choose from. The facility is clean and the beautiful surroundings are beautiful.

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How much does Franz Josef Spa cost?

Single entry to the public pool is NZD 28 per person. Prices increase for multiple tickets or private pool rental.

When is the best time to visit the Franz Josef thermal baths?

The thermal pools are the busiest in the evening when all the visitors in town have finished exploring for the day. The best time to visit to avoid the crowds is before the pool closes when there are very few people and it's quiet!

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Can I rent towels at the Franz Josef Spa?

Yes, but you have to pay extra for the towel. If you have your own, bring it!

Franz Josef Glacier Spa Review

To my surprise, Franz Josef Thermal Spa is definitely worth a visit. Franz Josef Glacier Spa is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful hot springs I've ever been to!

The relaxed atmosphere and tropical surroundings make enjoying the varying temperatures on a cold night the perfect way to end the dayHiking on the Franz Josef Glacier.

The main pool has three different temperatures, 36, 38 and 40 degrees Celsius (97, 100 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit), so it really wasn't difficult to find the one that suited me best! I highly recommend visiting at night is also a neat detail.

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From the moment you enter the Franz Josef Glacier Spa, you enter another world, a world of luxury and tranquility.

Around the pool there are many native plants that blur your surroundings and make you feel like you are miles away. The natural stone seating added to this natural feel and the dimmed lighting and soft sound of running water transported me to another faraway place!

In short, I rate Franz Josef Hotel & Spa highly and would not hesitate to recommend it to others. This is in no way a corporate sponsored post, nor do we have free entry - it's really cool!

Buy tickets to the Franz Josef thermal baths Online in advance!

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How much does the Franz Josef Glacier Spa cost?

Franz Josef Glacier Thermal Pools offers more than just public pools, it's actually private pools as well as a range of hydromassage treatments. Unfortunately we only enjoyed the communal pool, however I will list the prices we noticed during our visit.

public pool

Entrance to the public pool is NZD 28 per person. There is an all-day pass for $5, but we don't have time limits, it's only $28. My only guess is that the all-day ticket allows you to go and come back!

This pass can also be upgraded to a "Premium Pass" which includes access to towels, bathrobes, drinks and skincare to take home.

private pool

45 minutes in the private pool for two is NZD 95, three is $110 and four is $125. For me the price is really worth it because this place is amazing! This can also be upgraded to a 'pampering package' which includes a plate of food, aromatherapy oils and the use of towels and robes!

Spa and massage

Three types of massage are offered. Hot Stone ($185), Deep Tissue ($140) and Relax ($140). These prices are for 60 minutes and prices vary depending on the length of time.

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Book the Franz Josef Glacier Spa

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Private pool reservations are available at The TheFranz Josef Glacier Spa website.I visited Franz Josef in the middle of the season so no reservation is needed. If you're visiting during high season, making a reservation is the best way to secure your spot!

You can make a reservation for general admissionFranz Josef Glacier Spa tickets online.

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Why I think you should go to Franz Josef Glacier Spa!

Although the reviews above say it's one of the best hot springs I've been to, I truly believe this place is the icing on the cake after exploring the Franz Josef Glacier. I mean, hiking is hard work, and hard work deserves a good rest (especially if you're on vacation!)

The pool soothes your muscles and allows you to relax before another day of adventureNew Zealand West Coast Attractionslike thisblue pool,Thunder Creek Falls,orPunakaiki.

Other must-see activities in Franz Josef

Franz Josef Hot Springs Visit Guide - Glacier Hot Springs Overview (5)
  • Franz Josef helicopter hikeAfter Franz Josef Landing, take a scenic helicopter flight through Mount Cook National Park, exploring glaciers and caves. A bucket list experience that should be on your New Zealand itinerary!
  • parachute– There is no better place to jump with a parachute than Franz Josef. Here you can perform a giant tandem sail from a height of 20,000 feet!
  • atv off roadSpend two hours cycling around the Franz Josef Glacier region. You will see mountains and rainforests as your quad bike takes you through meadows, rivers and mud! Appropriate clothing available.
  • to gokayaking on a glacier– Admire one of New Zealand's most beautiful regions from the water. This small group tour lets you see the Southern Alps as you paddle from Franz Josef to Lake Maprika. The tour lasts 3 hours.

Where to stay in Franz Josef

Motel Chatua Backpackers$– Chatua Backpackers is the cheapest place in Franz Josef by a few dollars, however, this hostel also includes free breakfast. Rooms range from small shared dormitories to private single, double and quadruple rooms.

I escaped from the Franz Alpine Retreat$$ - These guys specialize in luxury doubles and smaller one or two bedroom cabins and cabins. Their staterooms and cabins have private kitchens. Their location is outside the city so provide transportation if you are staying here.

Grenfell House$$$ – Glenfern Villas is a beautiful property specializing in self-contained villas with fully equipped kitchens. It's outside the city so it's best to rent a car if you want to stay here.

thanks for reading!

Franz Josef Hot Springs Visit Guide - Glacier Hot Springs Overview (6)

Thank you for reading this Franz Josef Spa guide! I really hope you find it useful and inspire you to visit this little piece of paradise!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below. If you haven't, be sure to check out all of ourstravel guide for new zealandHere or check out these related articles below.

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Is the Franz Josef Glacier worth visiting? ›

The Franz Josef Glacier is one of the most popular tourist attractions in New Zealand, and it's not difficult to see why. The glacier is an amazing natural wonder, surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery. Visiting the glacier is precisely the kind of awe-inspiring experience that people travel to New Zealand for.

Which is better to visit Fox Glacier or Franz Josef? ›

Franz Josef Glacier Township has more on offer than its quieter neighbour, Fox Glacier. Franz Josef has more options for shops, eating and drinking. You will also find the Glacier Hot Pools at Franz Josef Glacier. This is an incredible West Coast experience where you can soak in hot pools surrounded by native bush.

How long does it take to see Franz Josef Glacier? ›

Even when it is teeming with rain, the Glacier Valley is still a place of isolation, wonderment and awe. Anyone with sensible shoes and a basic level of fitness can complete the round trip in 1 hour 30 minutes.

How long is the Franz Josef Glacier Walk? ›

The Franz Josef Glacier walk is the best way to view the Franz Josef Glacier without paying for a tour. The walk to the glacier is an easy hike and is around 4 km (2.5 mi) return. The trail is considered a must-do on any South Island itinerary.


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