Cheapest place to buy Copic markers you may not know about (2023)

Cheapest place to buy Copic markers you may not know about (1)

Bookmarks have been in high demand over the last few decades due to their excellent functionality. While children use them to express their creativity, adults have pens on the dressers for note-taking or presentations.

Also, markers are a tool for thousands of professional artists to earn a living. Consequently, many people choose to invest in their markers in their artistic careers, and Copic has become a marker brand of choice for many professionals.

In addition to its many exceptional properties,Copic markerare known to be much more expensive compared to other brands of markers. This could be due to its high quality ink, refillability, variety of colors, replaceable tips, etc.

There are numerous stores where you can get Copic markers at different prices. Also, due to the pandemic, where is the best place to buy Copic markers online?

Don't worry, because this article will be easy on your budget, suggesting places where you can buy cheap Copic markers:

  • The cheapest place to buy Copic markers is in Japan! Copic's main manufacturer is located in Japan, so you don't have to pay any additional shipping or import fees when you buy these markers in Japan.
  • Where in Japan? You can order your favorite Copic markers through the official website or at many art and stationery stores. Also, you may not know that Copic bookmarks have limited discounts on the Copic website.
  • Some online stores: If you're not in Japan, there are several other online stores you can check out, such as: B. Dickblicks, Walmart, or Michael's Art Supplies.

Want to know why Copic markers are so exorbitant? Are these markers really worth buying? If so, let's take a few minutes to find out in the first section!


  • What makes them so expensive?
  • Cheapest place to buy Copic markers
    • The cheapest place is Japan
    • wo in japan
  • Some online stores
    • Dickblicks
    • Walmart
  • Diploma

What makes them so expensive?

Cheapest place to buy Copic markers you may not know about (2)

The price of Copic markers can come as a big surprise to many non-professional artists. Why do Copic markers have to be so unreasonable? While they are just a writing tool? Trust me, Copic has good reason for its prices.

A new Copic highlighter is definitely too expensiveto buy regularly. However, they are built to last! It has Copic inkalcohol-based, the design of the marker is airtight so that alcohol does not evaporate, thereby extending its shelf life.

Also, if your marker runs out of ink, buy an ink refill. If the springs are damaged, buy a new spring. The price of these spare parts is much cheaper than you thought!

Although they contain alcohol, their permanent ink is acid-free and safe for children. Furthermore, a wide range of colors is offered with up to 350+ colors to choose from, creating a 'friendly' design.

Also, these colors blend well because they don't damage the paper. The reason for this is that the alcohol immediately evaporates when it leaves the markers. Therefore, the paper will not be soggy and will tear easily.

Last but not least, you can customize your own color by mixing the paint. If possible try to create your custom colormyth Copic-Tint! Try a small amount of ink each time, as you don't want to throw away entire ink refills because of unwanted color.

In short, it is certainly worth buying such expensive Copic markers, as their quality exceeds all expectations. Keep reading to find out where to buy Copics cheaper.

Cheapest place to buy Copic markers

Cheapest place to buy Copic markers you may not know about (3)

The cheapest place is Japan

In 1987, Copic markers were first introduced to the manga community in Japan with just 71 colors. Later they were popular all over the world for the excellent effects they brought to paintings.

Until now, the company Too - the main manufacturer of Copic markers - is still based in Japan, and the company's products are easy to find in many stores. Thanks to this favorable location, Copics are sold at a relatively low price.

With no international shipping fees, a Copic marker only costs around 380 yen, which is about $3. The price of markers can even drop to around $2 when they're on sale.

Another reason why copics are comparatively higher in other countries is the import tax which is usually around 10% or more. Although you don't have to pay as much tax in Japan, the price will definitely come down.

So if you travel to Japan, make sure you stock up on Copic markers there! Read the section below to find out where is the best place to buy Copic markers in this country.

wo in japan

Being in Japan is a big plus for anyone wanting to own Copic markers. Therefore, in this section, I present two places that you can visit during your trip to Japan: the hardware store and other art and stationery stores.

Firstly, the tool shop is an official Copic physical store, exclusive to Japan. Consequently, they have a huge collection of Copic markers that is a haven for many artists. Three places to look for these stores are Osaka, Tokyo and Yokohama.

In addition to their Copic collection, they offer a wide range of other art supplies at affordable prices. So if you are a highlighter lover, be sure to check out these stores when you arrive in Japan!

In addition, the Tools Shop has an online store that allows people from all over the world to access and order their favorite markers. Please note that the Tools webshop is in Japanese, so you may need to translate it into other languages ​​to continue working.

After gaining access to the site, search for the desired bookmarks and add them to the shopping cart. The rest of the process is self-explanatory. As this store is connected to the official Copic website, its authenticity cannot be questioned.

The second places you can go to buy Copic markers are art and stationery stores. These locations are a little harder to find a Copic marker as they have a smaller collection of these markers.

Still, be sure to check other stores before you decide to buy the long-awaited Copic highlighter. Also note that these stores may not have as much discount for Copic as the Tools Web Shop.

However, their prices are quite reasonable, so don't worry that the price difference will be very extreme. Find out in advance about various places in your area on the Internet to make your trip faster and more efficient.

These two stores are only offered in Japan. If you're in other regions, continue to the section below to find out where the best place to buy Copic markers is.

Some online stores

With the pandemic situation in many places, personal shopping is no longer a wise choice. So it's much safer for you.Order your bookmarksOrder online and receive at your home.

Below are some online stores that sell Copics at a relatively cheap price.


This online store is perfect for people who currently live in the United States or Canada as they ship to these two countries at a low price. Go to the official online store and look for Copic markers.

You will also see the shipping cost and details along with the bookmark description. If you agree on the cost, place the marker in your shopping cart, pay and your marker will arrive in no time.

Even better, they have a variety of coupons, discounts and special offers that are offered regularly. So keep an eye on them while browsing the sites. Physical stores are also available; Visit the website for more information.


Walmart is a famous supermarket chain that sells almost everything you need for a fair price. Consequently, you won't have a hard time getting some Copic markers from the site.

In addition, it is the most trusted brand, so its products are undoubtedly reliable and of good quality. Their payment process is similar to the sites mentioned above, so please refer to the previous sections.

Plus, there's no minimum shipping fee, which means they'll ship to you however you decide to purchase. Also, they have a lot of gift cards and coupons, so you can save a significant amount of money.

However, bullets at these points can be double that of a Copic in Japan for the reasons I discussed in the previous section. So don't be surprised if you pay around $5 for a Copic highlighter.

Besides the two brands, there are other online stores like Micheal's Art Supplies, DeltaArt, Amazon etc.


Hopefully after reading this article you'll find the cheapest place to buy Copic markers near you. Were you able to find good deals to buy Copic markers? Let me know in the comments section.

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