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At Mandler & Sieger, LLP, we genuinely care about you, our customer, and treat you as a member of our family and friend. We understand how accidents can turn your world upside down. Our attorneys and staff will handle your personal injury case from start to finish. As our customer, we promise to give you our full attention, be there when you need us and respond promptly to all your calls and emails. You are encouraged to call the office at any time with questions or to request an update on the status of your case. We will draw on our thirty years of experience to give you peace of mind and maximize your body's recovery. Contact our office today for the best construction accident attorneys in Melville!

Common construction injuries

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Any construction worker will tell you that construction injuries are part of the job. And with increasingly strict safety regulations. Many of these injuries are preventable as long as proper protocols are followed. However, even their employers and authorities require the wearing of personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes protection such as helmets, goggles, heavy-duty boots and high-visibility vests, warnings that workers often ignore. If you are looking for the best construction accident lawyers in Melville, get in touchSee how we can help your case today!

Because of this, construction workers often forego this type of personal protective equipment and suffer severe head injuries. That is why it is important to understand the most common causesconstruction damageand how to prevent it. Check out the most common construction injuries that our top Melville construction accident attorneys can help with below!

What are the most common construction injuries?

  • head injury:Head injuries account for 28% of all construction injuries. It can be caused by falling debris, a falling object, or even a simple slip and fall. Most head injuries are minor concussions that heal completely after just a few days of rest. However, if the blow is severe enough, it can cause bleeding in the brain, which requires immediate medical attention.
  • Body kick:This type of injury accounts for 23% of all construction injuries and can be the result of simple slips and falls or large debris falling on workers.These injuries can include broken collarbones, herniated discs, and even internal bleeding.
  • eye injury:Eye injuries account for 16 percent of construction injuries, mostly caused by flying objects such as sawdust, stones or construction materials. Sometimes these injuries can be minor like a red eye, but can be accompanied by temporary or permanent vision loss.
  • A sprain or strain:Construction workers often carry heavy loads for hours on end, resulting in strains and sprains that account for 13 percent of construction injuries.These injuries can range from mild to extremely severe and often require prolonged rest to heal.

The best construction accident lawyers in Melville

  • hit:12% of construction injuries are caused by hitting other people, equipment or any other form of moving object. Getting hit by a large piece of debris traveling at high speed is not only painful but also dangerous as it can cause internal bleeding or fractures, among other things.
  • occupational disease:Nine percent of construction injuries are occupational diseases, including ailments. Serious injuries, including cancer, such as cuts and bruises, are the result of constant exposure to harmful toxins. These types of injuries are sometimes unavoidable, but proper protective equipment can greatly reduce the chances of them occurring.
  • broken bone:Construction workers often do heavy lifting, including heavy lifting. They often fail to lift properly and end up with fractures, which account for 6% of construction injuries.

These are the most common construction injuries, but they are not the only injuries workers need to know about. It is important to know how to prevent these types of injuries with proper safety equipment such as helmets, goggles, reflective vests and steel-toed boots.

In addition, workers should take breaks to reduce tension and fatigue. You'd be surprised how often injuries occur on a construction site simply because workers burn out. The best way to avoid a work-related injury is to be careful on the construction site. Most construction injuries can be prevented if safety rules are followed. However, it is important to understand the most common construction injuries in order to get back to work as soon as possible.

Mandler Sieger – Best Construction Accident Lawyer in Melville

Construction injuries are among the most common injuries in the world. However, all of them can be avoided if people work in a safe place. It is important to follow the safety rules. Be careful and take precautions and construction injuries will no longer be a problem in the world. If you are looking for the best construction accident lawyers in Melville, get in touchSee how we can help your case today!

Contact the best construction accident attorneys in Melville today!

    What is personal injury?

    If someone is injured in a traffic accident. People often think they are filing a personal injury lawsuit. Generally, any injury that occurs when an accident or incident injures an individual's body is a "personal injury." A qualified attorney can provide more information on this topic. Or they can help you apply. If you have recently been personally injured, please get in touch, our top Melville construction accident attorneys, today!

    A person can be injured in many ways without being involved in an accident or incident. This type of personal injury is called an "intentional tort" and falls under the civil court system. A classic example of intentional violation is sexual assault and conduct, such as abuse and infliction of emotional distress. When a lawyer or personal injury lawyer shows that someone was injured due to the negligence of another party, the victim may be awarded compensation.

    prove apersonal injury claim, we need to focus on three components. The first is the burden of proof, which means that it occurred due to the defendant's negligence or other fault. Second, there must be evidence of bodily injury. In the end, this injury permanently affected the plaintiff's life.

    What is personal injury?

    There are many different types of damages that can be sought in a personal injury lawsuit. There are three categories of general damages, special damages and punitive damages. General damages are intangible losses such as physical pain, emotional distress, or severe birth defects that require subsequent medical attention. Special damages are the financial costs associated with permanent or life-changing injuries. These costs may include certain types of operations. The cost of a wheelchair or treatment that the NHS cannot cover. Punitive damages, also known as "exemplary damages," may be sought in cases where the defendant is believed to have been grossly negligent. This means that their actions were not merely negligent and caused the plaintiffs suffering.

    Inspect the injuries carefully. If you believe you have suffered a personal injury through no fault of your own, seek the help of a qualified attorney. Contact an attorney today for more detailed advice on your case for more information on what constitutes a personal injury. If you are the victim of an accident. Contact an attorney today to determine if your losses are compensable.

    The best construction accident lawyers in Melville

    One of the most common forms of personal injury occurs on the streets we drive on every day. Most personal injury lawsuits can be filed because of a car accident. These will include many different medical bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering. If a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, he or she may seek compensation, such as emergency medical expenses, long-term hospital expenses, or rehabilitation expenses.

    Other injuries that occur outside of car accidents can include slip and fall accidents. If someone poses a danger to your property, you also fall into it. You can file a claim against them for injury or loss of income. Slip and fall accidents most often occur in public places such as shops, hospitals or restaurants.

    For more information on what constitutes a personal injury, contact an experienced attorney today for more details. There are many different types of personal injury lawsuits that can be filed, depending on the circumstances of the accident. To begin the process, you will need to contact an attorney to build your case and determine the damages you can recover.

    In order to prove that you were harmed by someone's actions, you must show evidence that they were at fault. You will need the help of an experienced personal injury attorney!

    Mandler Sieger – Best Construction Accident Lawyer in Melville

    Personal injury claims can range from relatively simple to very complex. However, the general requirement for any personal injury claim is that you must prove that you were injured by the actions of another person and that they were responsible for it. If you have recently been personally injured, please get in touch, our top Melville construction accident attorneys, today!

    What if I get injured at work?

    Best Construction Accident Lawyers in Melville - Mandler & Sieger | New York (4)

    It is a sad but unfortunate reality that millions of people are injured at work each year. Whether it's something as simple as a sprained ankle or something as serious as an amputation, injuries can be physically and financially draining. When you're injured at work, there are a few things you can do to lessen the pain and increase your chances of a proper recovery. If you have recently been injured on the job, contact our top Melville construction accident attorneys today.Click hereLearn more about how we can help with your personal injury case today!

    The first thing to do is to identify and acknowledge the damage. If you think you may be injured, go to your supervisor or a medical professional at the company immediately. If your immediate supervisor is unavailable, find the nearest security or loss prevention personnel and request assistance by contacting someone who can properly handle the situation. Medical professionals at the scene of the injury are best qualified to assess the need for further treatment.

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    if you think you areinjured, don't be afraid to tell others. The more people you ask for help with your injury, the better your life will be. It is best to seek medical attention at or near the site of the injury. If you can't get in touch with someone right away, you can also contact the company's human resources department for help arranging a visit to a doctor or clinic.

    Injured workers must follow all medical instructions given by their doctor. Include guidance on work-related tasks, such as returning to normal activities after an injury. You should also be aware of any provisions your employer's workers' compensation insurance company has to cover lost wages, health care, etc. while you recover. You may be asked to sign a waiver or release before receiving certain treatments or continuing with your job duties. Always consult an attorney, if possible, before signing anything. Visit us today with Melville's best construction accident attorneys.

    1. initiative -Most injuries can be avoided by taking proper precautions in the workplace. For example, you should always follow all company rules regarding operating machinery or using tools to prevent injury. If your employer does not provide your employees with the proper protective equipment, use your own money to purchase what you need to protect yourself from injury.
    2. seek medical help -Immediately after the injury. If you try to "hang in" because you don't want to miss work, you could do more damage and greatly increase your recovery time. All work-related injuries must be treated by a medical professional as soon as possible.
    3. Contact a lawyer –If your injury prevents you from working and you are unable to work for several days or more, you can file for workers' compensation. An experienced work injury attorney will be able to help you navigate the complex legal system. In addition, give you the money you deserve after a serious accident at work.
    4. stay optimistic -While it's important to seek medical attention and fill out the appropriate forms, don't let your injury discourage you. If allowed, try to stay active by exercising or attending physical therapy. Take up hobbies like reading, drawing, sewing, etc. to keep your mind sharp while you recover.
    5. Find a good work injury attorney.In some cases, injuries can be complicated to resolve without professional representation. Try to find an experienced personal injury attorney who has experience representing injured workers in your state. Most attorneys offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case and options with an experienced attorney.

    Injuries at work happen every day and affect millions of people. However, if you follow these steps and consult with a qualified attorney if necessary, you can file a work injury claim to recover the damages you are entitled to. Not only will it make your recovery easier. It will also ensure that other employees do not have to face the same hazards on the job!

    Mandler Sieger – Best Construction Accident Lawyer in Melville

    If you've been injured at work, don't let your employer intimidate you and try to cover it up. Hire a qualified attorney by taking the appropriate steps after your injury. By maintaining a positive attitude throughout the recovery process, you can ensure that a workplace accident does not ruin your life. If you have any questions about a work injury or need help filing a claim against your employer, contact our top Melville construction site accident attorneys today!Click hereLearn more about how we can help you with your personal injury case.

    What do you get if you get hurt at work?

    Best Construction Accident Lawyers in Melville - Mandler & Sieger | New York (5)

    The frequency, severity or likelihood of injury at work will depend on your field of work. I hope this is not something you or someone you love has ever experienced. But most importantly, you understand what comes next. If you or someone you love has been injured on the job and find yourself in need of the best construction accident attorneys in Melville. Feel free to contact us at Mandler & Sieger. We specialize in workplace accidents and workers' compensation and can make sure you get what you deserve. Contact us Mandler & Sieger:Click here.We can help you with all of your personal injury needs.

    In New York State, workers' compensation is defined as "insurance, paid for by your employer, that provides cash benefits and medical care if you are injured or sick while doing your job and are disabled." This insurance gives employees peace of mind that they will be taken care of. By law, every employer in New York State is required to have workers' compensation insurance. The system was established to protect employees and employers from financial liability. This coverage ensures that, regardless of your employer's financial situation or whether you have independent insurance, you will receive medical care and compensation if you become ill or injured at work.

    The best construction accident lawyers in Melville

    Very important to note: In case of compensation, the employee has no conflict or argument with the employer. Oftentimes, employees may be wary of filing a claim for damages for fear of upsetting their employer and jeopardizing their job. This is not the case. A damages case should not have any impact on your business. Forms and requests should be forwarded to the employer's insurer. If you feel your employer is jeopardizing your position because of your workers' compensation case. It is best to contact Best Melville Construction Accident Lawyers, and we strongly encourage you to contact Mandler & Sieger to discuss your rights and entitlements.

    what you received

    before you experience ainjuredWhile you are at work, you must call and seek medical attention immediately. A delay in reporting or seeking medical help can affect your case. This can reduce the effectiveness and seriousness in the eyes of the insurance provider.

    Insurance companies will usually ask you to see their doctor, often called a consultant. This allows the insurance company to verify the third party. your numerous injuries and determine the amount they believe you are entitled to. You are entitled to compensation if you are unable to work for more than a week (7 days) due to an injury. If it is more than two weeks (14 days), benefits will be paid from the first day of your absence onwards. The fee calculator is updated every year. Therefore, it is important to refer to the latest information on the highest compensation rates for a particular year. Benefits are usually calculated by looking at the wages you earned in the previous year (52 weeks) and distributing ⅔ of that amount to the injured employee.

    Mandler Sieger - Slip and Fall Attorney

    Insurance companies skilled and experienced in workers compensation cases. They will try to pay you the minimum amount that they can justify with their findings. A doctor who could make you see can minimize the damage. Or they claim you can go back to work sooner than you actually can. Also, buyers are usually willing to accept the first amount offered by the insurance company. They don't know the actual amount they could get.

    That's why it's extremely important to contact the best Melville construction accident attorneys like Mandler & Sieger. We are professionals in the protection of victims of work injuries and can advise you during this process. Our goal is to ensure that our clients receive all the benefits and time they deserve. If you need the best construction accident attorneys in Melville, contact our office today to schedule an appointment..

    Can I be forced to return to work after an injury?

    After a workplace injury, employees may need time to recover and recuperate before returning to work. Not every injured worker has the same recovery path, and some workers may need more time off than others. Depending on the severity of your injury, you are entitled to different amounts of leave. exist, we are committed to helping our clients get the right benefits from their workplace. Our top Melville construction accident attorneys can help with medical bills and recover wages lost due to time off work.

    What is the cause of injury at work?

    Best Construction Accident Lawyers in Melville - Mandler & Sieger | New York (6)

    Ainjury at workMay result in leave. They can be the result of inadequate safety in the workplace or they can be accidents. Employers should provide a safe environment for employees to protect them from injury. The following are the leading causes of injuries at work:

    • overexertion and physical reactions
    • fall, slip, stumble
    • contact with items/equipment
    • transport accident
    • Injuries caused by people, animals or violence
    • exposure to hazardous substances or the environment

    The best construction accident lawyers in Melville can help after an injury at work

    Notify your supervisor immediately after you are injured at work. This should be done as soon as possible, as the waiver of the right to file a workers' compensation claim may be waived if you do not report your injuries within the state-mandated time frame. Depending on the severity of the injury, medical attention may be required after reporting the injury to your supervisor. Supervisors must then notify their insurance company of the accident and file a claim with the state workers' compensation board. Contact our top Melville construction accident attorneys and see how we can help you with your case!

    what benefits you are entitled to

    Workers' compensation should cover all medical expenses for diagnosing and treating an employee's work-related injury. This specifically includes medical appointments, prescriptions, surgeries and medical equipment. Injured employees are also entitled to vocational rehabilitation benefits if they are unable to return to work prior to the injury. Work compensation should also compensate employees for lost wages while they were away from work. The amount of compensation is usually two-thirds of the employee's weekly salary. Types of disability benefits include:

    • Temporary total incapacity -Employees are taken over after leaving work for a limited time.
    • Temporary partial disability -If employees can do lighter work, they will not receive the subsidy until they return to work at the same level they were working at.
    • Permanent total incapacity -If the employee is permanently disabled, he will receive it. In addition, they must not be able to return to work.
    • Permanent partial disability -Employees will receive compensation if the total or partial loss of a body part partially affects their ability to work.
    • Postmortna fee -Families are entitled to compensation for loss of financial support when an employee dies on a construction site.

    What your legal rights include

    Injured employees must know their legal rights. Assume that workers' compensation does not include personal injury or punitive damages to which injured employees may be entitled. In that case, they can file a lawsuit in civil court for additional damages. Some specific reasons include:

    • In most states, employers can recover damages if they directly injured an injured employee.
    • Yes, if employees do not have workers' compensation insurance, they can file an injury claim against their employer. However, in civil court, you must prove that your employer is at fault for the work-related injury.
    • If a workplace injury is caused by faulty machinery or equipment, employees can sue the manufacturer for unsafe conditions. Manufacturers will be responsible for employee benefits.
    • If your employees are exposed to toxic substances, they can suffer cumulative long-term effects, including cancer, nerve damage and lung disease. In such cases, employees can file a lawsuit against the manufacturer.
    • Employees can file a personal injury lawsuit against a third party when the third party causes the injury at work.

    联系 Mandler & Sieger – Best Construction Accident Lawyers in Melville

    You cannot be forced to return to work after a work-related injury. You are entitled to time off and compensation based on the type of injury, and our top Melville construction accident attorneys will make sure you get it. exist, our lawyers will seek justice for you and ensure that your legal rights are our teamSchedule a consultation with our attorneys today.


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