5 Best Glass Whiteboards - November 2023 - Best Reviews (2023)

Imagine the possibilities for a giant blank canvas in a classroom, conference room or office. The whiteboard invites you to script, think, and write an actionable plan. As one of the most important surfaces you touch every day, why not choose the best one? Glass whiteboards are a stylish, functional option that makes writing and erasing easy.

Perhaps that's why glass whiteboards are in vogue for their clarity and efficiency. Their smooth, non-porous surface allows you to glide dry erase chalk, wet erase or liquid chalk across the board. Cleaning glass whiteboards is easy, whether you prefer a dry eraser, damp cloth or glass cleaner.

The white glass panel adds a touch of modernity and simplicity to the ambience of the room. Their sleek look really pulls it all together in the frameless models, but if you prefer framed panels, expect simple, elegant metal trims. When it comes to glass whiteboards, the possibilities are varied. If you're ready to expand your horizons and write freely on that tempting blank glass whiteboard, use this buying guide to find the right glass whiteboard for you.

5 Best Glass Whiteboards - November 2023 - Best Reviews (1) 5 Best Glass Whiteboards - November 2023 - Best Reviews (2)

If you are a restaurateur or cafe owner, upgrade your specials menu with a white stained glass panel. It is more modern and can add a touch of color and style to your space.

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key considerations

A glass panel compared to a regular panel

while the glass plate andordinary boardWhile serving the same purpose, they do so in different ways. For one thing, the surface of plain whiteboards is porous, which is why you'll often see faint lines of previous markings long after you've erased them. Sometimes called "ghosting". On the other hand, white glass panels have a non-porous surface. As a result, they were completely erased. The ink cannot be deposited or absorbed.

That's why glass whiteboards are so versatile that you can use many styles of markers, while regular whiteboards tend to use dry erase pens. In addition, glass whiteboards last longer than typical laminated whiteboards. Although a glass whiteboard is initially more expensive than a traditional whiteboard, it is a worthwhile investment that can last for many years.

Type of labeling and cleaning

As with traditional whiteboards, you can use regular dry erase markers and erasers on a glass whiteboard. Wet wipe markers are also great for writing on these boards, just wipe them off with a damp cleaning cloth. Liquid chalk is another popular glass whiteboard medium that can be easily removed with glass cleaner and paper towels.


Glass whiteboards come in different sizes. They can be as small as a regular sheet of paper or as large as 8 x 4 feet. There is no standard size for glass whiteboards, so you will see a lot of variation. Not all glass whiteboards are rectangular, as there are some square models.


If your glass panel is mounted, you will need to spend time installing it. It requires a lot of planning and measuring, as well as the right tools. For larger panels, you may need another person to help you with the installation. Some consumers have reported that the instructions for installing the glass whiteboards may not be clear. If you want to skip the hassle of installation—and avoid unnecessary holes or dents in the walls—you might want to hire a professional.

5 Best Glass Whiteboards - November 2023 - Best Reviews (3) 5 Best Glass Whiteboards - November 2023 - Best Reviews (4)

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for your safety

Never lean on the glass panel. Your weight puts unnecessary stress on the board and can cause it to crack or break.


best comment



The glass panel is made of tempered glass, which is more durable than ordinary glass and is not easy to scratch and break. Tempered glass is also safer than ordinary glass: if it breaks, the glass white panel will break into small pieces, not large, dangerous shards with sharp edges.


  • color:Glass panels are most popular in white or clear, but other colors are also available. You can find them in pink, blue, orange, green and light gray. However, choosing one of these colors will limit your color labeling options because not all colors will have enough contrast to be easily recognizable. White black glass panels are also becoming increasingly popular, especially in offices that follow modern decorating trends. When a blackboard is placed on a white wall, the contrast can shift the focus to the whiteboard, especially when writing in bright marker colors like white, yellow, or lime green.

  • mraz:If you are not sold on colored plates, but transparent glass is too transparent for your taste, you can opt for a frosted model. They give a slight contrast to the background of the wall, without excessive color contrast. Matte panels are usually more expensive than colored or transparent models.

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  • without frame:Frameless glass whiteboards are a popular choice because their exposed edges give them a clean, uncluttered look. Without a frame in the way, your whiteboard adds an average of one inch of writing space around the edges. Frameless boards also allow you to continue building your writing space, as you can choose to join multiple boards to increase the surface area.

method of installation

  • Wall:Many glass whiteboards are mounted on the wall and are usually hung in one of two ways. The first method uses metal anchors and metal passing through the surface of the slab. They appear as exposed metal studs on all four corners and are most popular on bezel-less models. For another mounting method, a glass whiteboard is hung with heavy hardware, similar to what is used to hang framed pictures.

  • portable:Instead of being mounted on a wall, some glass whiteboards are transported on easels on wheels. This type of whiteboard usually has an adjustable height to accommodate different sized writers. Some models can also be adjusted for landscape or portrait layout.

Convenience of function

Glass whiteboards can also include practical features, such as accessory holders for markers and erasers. The stand is usually a separate part that needs to be attached, so if you decide not to use it while mounting the whiteboard, it won't be too difficult to remove.

There are some glass board models that are magnetized, which is convenient for teachers or others who use magnetic shapes, letters, and numbers. It is also very useful in the office, especially if you want to post flyers or notes directly on the board. Some markers are also magnetized, so they are easy to stick to the board when not in use.

glass panel price

Glass white plates are priced from25 to 400 dollars.At the lower end of the range,Between 25 and 75 dollars, you will find smaller models perfect for home and small offices. Inexpensive whiteboards will occasionally include an accessory holder, although this is not a standard feature. Prices of glass whiteboards of the middle classBetween 75 and 200 dollars.Here you can find most of the medium-sized models, which are used in classrooms and large conference rooms. There are many colors and some magnetic models in this price range. on top,Between 200 and 400 dollars, the largest whiteboard you'll find with the most features and options. They usually take up a lot of wall space and use the highest quality glass.


  • Buy markers and erasers at the same time.So that your glass whiteboard is ready to use right out of the box, make sure you have the appropriate markers and erasers on hand.

  • Consider the size of the room.The size of the room will affect the size of the glass whiteboard. Having said that, some rooms can be cluttered with large panels, especially if they are underutilized. It is important to balance the size of the room with your panel.

  • Watch out for rings and jewelry.Sharp jewelry, especially diamond rings, can scratch the glass. Try to avoid direct contact between your jewelry and the glass whiteboard to keep both intact.

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  • Get one for your home office.If you're looking for a modern addition to your home office, invest in a glass whiteboard. It's ideal for brainstorming sessions, note-taking and scripting.

Other products we considered

We love the fashion lookU brand black glass dry erase board.This model has a frameless design and is the perfect addition to a modern minimalist office. Between that and the floating mount style, you'll be able to add additional glass whiteboards to create an infinite writing surface on the wall. You have other options as this product is available in six sizes.

If you are looking for the benefits of glass whiteboards on a small scale, consider itIceberg Clarity Glass personal plate.Choose from 9 x 12 inch panels and 12 x 16 inch models. The board comes with an accessory tray filled with markers, so you don't have to search for the right instrument in the pen holder when using the board. It also has an ultra-minimalist look. Its frameless design requires only two top-mounted brackets, with rubberized blocks against the wall for a flat surface.

5 Best Glass Whiteboards - November 2023 - Best Reviews (5) 5 Best Glass Whiteboards - November 2023 - Best Reviews (6)

Bright white, neon green and yellow are some of the best colors to use on white black glass panels.


Q. Why are glass whiteboards more expensive than traditional whiteboards?

A.Materials and construction quality are the main reasons for the price difference. Traditional whiteboards are now made of laminate or other synthetic materials, sometimes attached to particleboard, all of which are cheap to manufacture but not particularly durable. Glass plates are more expensive because of the tempered glass and the precision and accuracy of the manufacturing.

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Q: I'm moving offices - what's the best way to pack my glass whiteboard so it doesn't break?

A.When moving glass products, the first thing you need to do is useBubble wrap, with the bubble facing the whiteboard. Securing a few layers with packing tape is a good start, then cover it with a moving blanket for shipping. Pack it upright in your moving car or truck so it doesn't shake or bump against other objects during transport. Since glass whiteboards are often quite large, make sure you have someone to help you move them safely to your new office.


What is the best non ghosting whiteboard? ›

Like melamine, porcelain boards are easy to write on and often magnetic, but because porcelain is less porous, the surface is less likely to succumb to ghosting. Glass is not porous at all, which makes it the most durable and most expensive option.

Is glass better than white board? ›

Although a glass board is typically more expensive than melamine and painted steel, their quality outshines the lower price tag of the more inexpensive options. They are four times more durable than porcelain whiteboards. They simply won't wear out. Glass doesn't dent and it is highly scratch resistant.

How long do glass whiteboards last? ›

Yes, a glass whiteboard can virtually last you forever; you don't need to toss them for overusing them, they aren't going to stain or streak like a traditional whiteboard, and they are incredibly durable. You could very easily pass these boards down through generations of teachers, employees or even family.

What should I look for in a quality whiteboard? ›

A general rule is the thicker the glass, the higher quality the product will be. But this is not always the case. If you want to buy a magnetic glass board, the thickness of the glass will most likely be thinner. The reason for this is to make the board magnetic, a steel sheet is adhered to the back of the board.

What to look for when buying a whiteboard? ›

Look for whiteboards that are easy to clean and maintain. Make sure the surface does not absorb ink and is easy to wipe clean. Opt for a glass marker board surface, which, in most cases, erases with even the tip of a finger.

Which panel has the least ghosting? ›

TN Panels. TN panels (Twisted Nematic) are the most used in monitors designed for gaming. The reason for this choice is the fact that TN panels are fast and produce a clear image without ghosting or blur.

What is the most expensive whiteboard? ›

Expensive. WELMORS OFFICE Magnetic Glass Whiteboard is the most expensive whiteboard on the list at $619.03.

How do you stop whiteboard ghosting? ›

To get rid of ghosting, wipe the board with a cloth dipped in a mix of isopropyl alcohol and water — the most effective whiteboard cleaner.

What grade of glass is best? ›

What Type of Glass Is the Strongest?
  • Toughened (tempered) glass: ⁣ This kind of glass is recommended for safety purposes. It's manufactured by use of controlled thermal or chemical treatment processes. ...
  • Laminated Glass: ⁣ This kind of glass tends to hold together when it's shuttered and stays in the frame. ...
  • Plate Glass:⁣

Do glass whiteboards need special markers? ›

Glass dry-erase wall panels can endure almost any kind of marker, since they're non-porous and won't stain or streak no matter how much you write on them.

Which is the best form of glass? ›

Laminated glass offers many advantages. Safety and security are the best known of these, so rather than shattering on impact, laminated glass is held together by the interlayer.

Can I use Windex on glass whiteboard? ›

Yes, Windex can be used to clean a dry-erase board, but only on certain types of boards. For porcelain and glass dry-erase boards, Windex is an effective chemical-based cleaner. However, Windex can damage the surface of melamine dry-erase boards, so it is not recommended for these types of boards.

What are the different types of glass whiteboards? ›

Clear or frosted glass whiteboards are transparent or semi-opaque like a window. Coloured glass whiteboards are fully opaque and have a painted back which is often white but can be any colour. Painted back glass whiteboards are often magnetic because they have a steel layer behind the glass.

How do you clean a glass whiteboard? ›

It's best to use a mild detergent or cleaning solution, as glass shouldn't require too harsh of chemicals. Avoid allowing the board to be in a room with extreme temperature changes, since this can lead to thermal fracture. Use a soft cloth or towel to clean the board.

Which color is best for whiteboard? ›

Use a lot of black, blue, purple. These are easy to see if the markers are fresh. Also, don't be afraid to use your own cloth and spray liquid to clean the board as you go.

What is the best whiteboard height? ›

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend mounting your whiteboard no higher than seven feet above the base of the floor and no lower than three-feet. To be more specific, the top of a 4 x 6' whiteboard should hang 84” off the floor; a 3 x 4' board should be 78”, and a 2 x 3' should hang no higher than 72”.

When should I replace my whiteboard? ›

It's time to replace your whiteboard when you can no longer wash your board clean. Usually you'll see a steady progression of discoloring, as regularly cleaning your board can only prevent staining so much. The reason the boards stain is because the dry erase markers have dark inks that are coated in a polymer.

What not to use on a whiteboard? ›

Never use any kind of glass cleaner or anything containing ammonia, abrasives, alcohol or bleach. Use soap and water or an acrylic cleaner (like Brillianize or Plaskolite Plastic Cleaner) to wipe down the surface.

Are glass boards magnetic? ›

Yes, glass whiteboards can be magnetic!

What is a cheaper alternative for a whiteboard? ›

5 Alternatives To Whiteboards
  • Plastic Plates. Those super shiny plastic plates you use for birthday parties and cookouts are just perfect for writing on with your dry erase marker. ...
  • Desk. ...
  • Page Protectors. ...
  • Anything Metal. ...
  • Vinyl Spots.

What is 6 key anti-ghosting? ›

Suppose a keyboard comes with a six key rollover (6KRO) which means that if six keys are pressed simultaneously, each will register a certain response on the screen, be you typing or gaming. But if you press a seventh key (or more) with them also, there will be no response from any key.

What does ghost screen look like? ›

Monitor ghosting occurs when an image artifact appears as a trail of pixels behind a moving object, almost like a motion blur. This is referred to as ghosting because it creates a trace of the image that looks like a ghost.

How do I get rid of anti-ghosting? ›

If the cause of your problem is a wired or Bluetooth keyboard, then the simplest solution is to replace this keyboard with one that is specifically designed to be anti-ghosting. These keyboards get around the problems that cause ghosting in different ways.

Which size of white whiteboard is best? ›

If you are asking yourself: “What size whiteboard should I get?” – the most common whiteboard dimension for use in classrooms, offices, meeting rooms and shop floors is 4×6 – that's 4 feet tall by 6 feet wide. Boards with a dimension of 4×8 feet are also commonly used.

What are whiteboards called now? ›

Whiteboards have many different names that people often use interchangeably. They can be called dry erase boards, dry wipe boards, marker boards, wipe boards, and pen boards. All of these terms refer to the white, glossy boards used in classrooms and offices.

What are clear whiteboards called? ›

Glass Whiteboards are quickly becoming one of the best products on the market; they're extremely durable, they don't ghost or stain and last for years longer than traditional white and black boards.

Do Clorox wipes ruin dry erase boards? ›

Do not use glass cleaner, Clorox® wipes, or all-purpose cleaners as they will damage the whiteboard surface and void the warranty. The surface should be cleaned only with dry erase wipes, liquid board cleaner, or a damp wet cloth. Abrasives or other chemical cleansers should not be used.

Does rubbing alcohol damage whiteboards? ›

To put it simply, alcohol destroys the lubricating layer of your dry erase board. Yes, your whiteboard will look spotless, but after continued use, your whiteboard will eventually lose the ability to wipe clean.

Why is my whiteboard hard to erase? ›

When whiteboard erasers become overloaded with ink, they can no longer erase efficiently.

How can you tell if glass is good quality? ›

The glass should be agreeably light and well balanced, not “bowl heavy.” Such glasses are spill-prone, as are those with small footprints. Stability requires a foot that's nearly as wide as the bowl. Make sure the stem is elegantly slim, but not so skinny to be unduly fragile.

What are the three classes of glass? ›

soda-lime glass, lead glass and borosilicate glass. These three types of glass make up around 95 percent of the cullet glass used in the production process.

What is the best thickness of glass? ›

¼ inch thickness: This is the ideal glass size for tabletops and glass protective covers for tables such as coffee tables and patio tables. While the ½ inch thick glass feels sturdier, you can also feel safe with the ¼ inch thickness.

Can you use Sharpie on glass whiteboard? ›

Permanent markers can be used on glass boards, although it's best to use only water-based ones. The Sharpie brand is among the most well-known. Sharpie's non-toxic, quick-drying ink is opaque and more on the glossy side. It's also water-resistant and fade-resistant.

What is the best pen for writing on glass? ›

POSCA Paint markers are some of the best glass markers around, with a wide range of tip sizes and over 30 colours available in some sizes. POSCA acrylic paint can be removed from glass, but to make permanent simply bake the object in an oven at 160°C for 45 minutes.

What do you write on a glass whiteboard? ›

Luckily, glass whiteboards can endure almost any kind of marker, since they're non-porous and won't stain or streak no matter how much you write on them. Permanent Marker – Yes, you can use permanent markers on our glass whiteboards!

What is the name of high quality glass? ›

Borosilicate glass is superior

69%), which makes it even less susceptible to fractures. In terms of temperature, the maximum thermal shock range (the difference in temperatures it can withstand) of borosilicate glass is 170°C, which is about 340° Fahrenheit.

What is the best glass material? ›

Borosilicate glasses and polycarbonates are both strong materials. They both can withstand above 60MPa of tensile pressure before failing; while optical silicone fails at lower pressures of around 10MPa.

What is the most durable type of glass? ›

If you're interested in unbreakable glass that truly lives up to its name, polycarbonate panels are the type you want. Polycarbonate panels are significantly more difficult to break than both standard glass windows and laminated glass mentioned above.

Does vinegar clean whiteboard? ›

A mixture of vinegar and water is an effective and safe non-chemical way to clean a dry erase board. It has the added benefit of being a natural cleaner that has been used for years.

Can you use wet erase on glass? ›

Wet erase markers can only be removed with a damp tissue or cloth. Dry erase markers erase with an eraser on most non-porous materials, like whiteboards, porcelain, melamine and glass.

How do you clean glass without water marks? ›

Vinegar. Vinegar has proven to be an effective cleaner for a multitude of issues, so it's no wonder it can also remove water spots from glass. Simply mix equal parts of water and vinegar, spray the glass surface, and let it sit for a few minutes before wiping it clean.

What is Type 5 glass also known as? ›

Borosilicate glass is a type of glass with silica and boron trioxide as the main glass-forming constituents.

Are glass whiteboards breakable? ›

Although made of tempered glass, glass whiteboards can break if they fall from a wall due to faulty mounting, natural disasters, or other causes.

Can I clean a whiteboard with dish soap? ›

Generic Whiteboard Cleaner: An obvious choice, but very effective! Spray a small amount onto a microfiber cloth before use. Mild Detergent and Water: Dawn dish soap works great with a bit of water to remove residue and built-up oils.

What is the difference between a whiteboard and a dry erase board? ›

Is a Whiteboard the Same as A Dry Erase Board? When it comes to whiteboard vs. dry erase board, the truth is that they are the same material. The materials they're typically made of include melamine, porcelain and glass.

Which white board is better magnetic or non magnetic? ›

Non-magnetic whiteboards can be used at home or at the office and are ideal for general office use. *When planning to purchase a non-magnetic whiteboard, we advise you consider how often the whiteboard will be used. If it will be used on a continual daily basis, throughout the day, we recommend a magnetic whiteboard.

What is the difference between melamine and porcelain whiteboards? ›

Melamine is also lightweight, making it easy to mount and a good choice for home office use. Porcelain or ceramic whiteboards are more expensive but offer greater durability and resistance to scratches and stains. Like melamine, porcelain boards are easy to write on and often magnetic.

What are the different types of whiteboard? ›

The three main types of whiteboard materials are melamine, porcelain, and glass.

Can I use Windex on a dry erase board? ›

Yes, Windex can be used to clean a dry-erase board, but only on certain types of boards. For porcelain and glass dry-erase boards, Windex is an effective chemical-based cleaner. However, Windex can damage the surface of melamine dry-erase boards, so it is not recommended for these types of boards.

Do glass dry erase boards require special markers? ›

Glass dry-erase wall panels can endure almost any kind of marker, since they're non-porous and won't stain or streak no matter how much you write on them.

What should you not use to clean a dry erase board? ›

Avoid cleaning your whiteboard with standard kitchen or bathroom cleaner, industrial cleaner, or solution containing isopropanol alcohol, in addition to Coarse or granular cloth like paper towels and toilet paper, as they tend to deteriorate the dry erase surface.

Are all glass whiteboards magnetic? ›

Some glass dry erase boards, superior versions of old style whiteboards, can be either magnetic or non-magnetic. Magnetic glass boards are generally back painted tempered glass laminated to steel. Non-magnetic glass boards can be clear glass, ultra clear low-iron glass, frosted glass, or back painted glass.

Can you make glass whiteboard magnetic? ›

Typically, the best way to create a magnetic glassboard is to attach a painted glass to a piece of laminated steel. The rare earth magnets are strong enough to reach the steel through the glass, which allows the glass to seem magnetic.

How long do magnetic whiteboards last? ›

The magnetic whiteboards have a long life of up to ten to fifteen years. As these non-magnetic whiteboards are highly durable and easy to maintain, they are great value for money and cost effective in the long run.

Why not use melamine? ›

Signs of melamine poisoning may include irritability, blood in urine, little or no urine, signs of kidney infection, and / or high blood pressure.

What is the disadvantage of melamine board? ›

Melamine Board has a wide range of benefits and advantages. One of the most common disadvantages is that it has to be attached to a substrate (the base of another material). If the base material used is of poor quality, the Melamine finish will also be of poor quality. Overall, the board has a smooth, flat surface.


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